Wish to earn online money?Diamond Cash app Review

These days the utilization of mobile phones is increasing with an increase in job opportunities available online. Recently, we also came across an app named Diamond Cash app which pays its users to download and review other application and surveys. From a distant it may seem an ideal opportunity to earn money online without investing anything prior.

But whatever it seems from a very profile distance can be true? Whether Diamond Cash app is legit or fraudulent?  It may also happen that is another strategy of the scammers to dupe innocent people who easily get trapped. In this article we will learn more about Diamond Cash app and will test its legitimacy.

What is Diamond Cash app?

Diamond cash app is run by a private owned company which has it operation from London known by the name of Gudekoi Ltd.

Diamond Cash is an application which pays you money to install application, watch videos, take surveys, referring friends, etc.

By completing the offered tasks the company will pay you in coins which you can preferably withdraw via PayPal account or can become accountable of gift cards of your choice.

The application is absolutely free to download and is available for both Android and the users of desktop computers can also grab this amazing opportunity.

Wish to earn online money?Diamond Cash app Review

How does Diamond Cash app works?

Diamond cash app is completely free to use. Unfortunately, the application is only available to the Android users. Diamond Cash can be downloaded from Google play store.

You do not need to have an email address or Facebook account to sign up with the company. All you need is to accept the provided Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the company.

Initially, to earn coins you can grab an amazing opportunity by installing and using your first app and will receive 500 points which worth $1.

The process of installation and joining is very simple. All you need is to download the application and use it for free. Then you have to create your username and password. If you login using a referral code then you will earn 225 bonus coins for the first. Otherwise also you can start using the application without any worries and complete the offered tasks by the company.

 Review company payment in real?

Therefore it’s pretty much obvious to know the real value of coins offered by the company. First you need to open the reward section of the company and choose your respective country you reside in. in that section, you can see how much points the company is offering and the limit you need to collect before cash out.

For instance, the company claims that the residing people of US need minimum 5000 points to withdraw their earnings via PayPal.

Eventually, 10 points is equals $0.02 only.

How to make money with Diamond Cash?

There are various categories offered by the company to earn money which is called coins in Diamond Cash language. All you need is to select the type of task you wish to complete.

Installing apps: In this particular section you will receive a list of vibrant application which you must follow to earn coins and accompany the instructions carefully. Research tells that majority of the app fetch you less than 400 points which accounts to $0.80.

For this first you need to tap or select the app you wish to use and then directly you will be taken on Google Play Store. After this all you need is to use the application. Otherwise if you choose to download the game application then you have to play the game at least for some seconds to earn coins.

While there are tasks which ask you only to download the application and provide quick review for it. But it is advisable to stay away from those subscriptions which require its users to submit their credit card details. It is been searched that there is an application offered as a task by the Diamond Cash named Mobizone Pro which mandatorily requires weekly subscription.

Watching videos: This is probably a rewarding part. All you need is to select any category of your wimps and select the video to play. You will earn 13 points for every 5 videos you watch.

Tasks: In this unit you will come across three categories which will fetch you more coins.

  • Invitation code: Login using invitation code and receive 225 coins as bonus coins.
  • Check-in: Check inside the Diamond Cash app daily to receive 5 points as daily bonus.
  • First app install: At an initial stage download the first app and receive 500 coins.

Completing offers: There are apparently many offers which the company provides. Some offers require you to submit your name, email address, phone number, etc. Submitting such information will enroll you in prize draws. Hence, winning chances are very low.

Other offers are:

  • Betting apps: You just need to install the applications place the deposit and bet on it.
  • Casino offers: You can play the casino after making a deposit.
  • Free trails: You can purchase the subscription of the free trails by submitting your credit card details.

Take surveys: After you choose to select the router, the router itself will select various surveys and ask you to fill lots of questions to complete your profile.

In case your profile does not qualify for the respective survey you will be directed to another survey opportunity. At a point it will become frustrating for you to answer the same questions at a repetitive level. Therefore, if you get selected also majority of surveys fetch you nearby $2.

Referral code: Fortunately, the company provides you the easiest opportunity to earn coins by using the referral link provided by the company. If your referral joins the company using your link, he will earn 225 coins initially. And apparently you will earn 20% earnings of your referral.


Definitely there is no question arises on the legitimacy of the company. The company is absolutely trustworthy. But it seems that there is no hope for the users to get paid. The platform is absolutely not for those you wish to earn handsome amount of money.

Hence, after reviewing the information with detailed sense we do not recommend Diamond Cash to our present and potential customers.

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If you are hovering with any sort of confusion and doubts then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.











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