Digital Genius Lab Review – Is Digital Genius Lab a scam?

Hello friends, if you are searching to get the information about the Digital Genius Lab then I congratulate you to taking your time to do our own research before buying or taking any action into any “looking good” product. I welcome you in Digital Genius Lab Review, in this article we are going to touch some of the majorly asked questions like, is Digital Genius Lab Scam? Or is Digital Genius Lab Legit? Or is Digital Genius Lab Real? Or is Digital Genius Lab Fake? These questions are vital as well as important to ask any company which claiming very high claims. It also helps you to keep yourself safe from the scam sites and save your hard-earned money. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the crux of this article in next few lines. We do Not Recommend Digital Genius Lab as we have found many flaws in their working which you can read in the article below.

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What is Digital Genius Lab Is Digital Genius Lab Scam or Legit Is Digital Genius Lab Real or Fake Digital Genius Lab Review, Digital Genius Lab

What is Digital Genius Lab and how it works?

The Digital Genius lab claims that you can earn up to $1000 per commission on entirely Done-For-You system. The good thing is that it is possible to earn that much amount of money but it is not as easy as they explain to their visitors or as they claimed.

Here, we want you to not get confused between Digital Genius Lab and Digital Genius, which is an Artificial Intelligence Customer Service Company.

Digital Genius Lab claiming itself to be an Affiliate Marketing education platform. They are providing different and all the training, tools and support that one needs to make money online.

But this site from our observation is different on the surface than inside. It is like the Elephant has two types of teeth, one to show and the other to eat. Digital Genius Lab is almost looking similar to the MOBE and Digital Altitude site (both of them as shutting down now).

At the basic level, Digital Genius Lab is a well-designed sales funnel. In this, you have the leverage to promote 2 main products. One can earn 30% commission by selling the membership of DGL which costs $99 per month and $997 per month.

In the DGL membership, the site tech its members how to drive traffic to DGL’s sales funnel by using Facebook Ads. It is the only thing that one needs to do. Their claim to be a unique program is nothing but a bubble because at the end they are just telling you how to generate traffic and how to recruit new members.

The founder of this site is a member or a part of another program called Global Affiliate Zone. Due to some issues or reasons, they got out and started their own site on the similar pattern of Global Affiliate Zone.

Both of them using a mask of teaching people affiliate marketing but after joining them you ended you to be a part of MLM Company called as Enagic which is selling the water filters and water ionization system (the cost of these products is between $400 to $9600).

Features of Digital Genius Lab: DGL’s training has 2 main components:5 Basic Training Modules – To teach you how to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic and second, Fast Track Triple Pack ($297) – it is a more advanced training. It is also the first upsell within the program (we are not discussing the modules in detail because it is not required and total waste of time).

Cons of Digital Genius Lab

  1. Mysteriously working: They are hiding their main from their members from the beginning. Nobody knows about the MLM upsell from any part of their sales page. The first time member came to know about the real working of the site is when they become the member and get into their sales funnel.
  2. MLM or Affiliate Marketing: MLM and affiliate marketing is different methods and the Digital Genius Lab owner or creator has mixed both of them. He is trying to take the benefit of both the method and earn a good revenue for himself. It is hard to understand and extremely confusing for the newbies.
  3. Too expensive: The cost of their training program is not worth because we know other sites who provide the better training at a lower price. Digital Genius lab is asking for $99 per month. The Wealthy Affiliate Company which is also our no.1 recommended site cost just $49 per month. Now you can compare both sites cost on your own.
  4. It is nothing but another Pyramid Scheme: If you go into detail and observe the working of the site then it will turn out to be similar to the Pyramid Scheme. Since the only way to earn good money on this site is by making new member without selling any product is nothing but a pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme.
  5. Upsells: They have many upsells for their members which is nothing but a way to get revenue constant from the members. This is the trick and hidden prices people came to know after they join them or become their member. Coaches on their programs convince the members to buy the upsells and they get the commission for that.


We do Not Recommend the Digital Genius lab due to various reasons that we have discussed above in the article. This site is of no use. Still, if you want to join the site then you can but it will not be nice. Do not listen to us, make your own decision after thinking both positive and negative side of this site. Our advice will be that do not join it because in the market there is a better option available which you can compare easily.

We have recommended the Wealthy Affiliate Company purely based on the merits and we are proud to share it with our readers because of it one of the most genuine companies we have found which has already helped many people to earn online income. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding the Digital Genius Lab please share it with us by writing us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.

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