Diskashop Reviews – Diskashop.com Scam or Legit?

Diskashop Reviews – Diskashop.com Scam or Legit?

Advent of the internet has led to the emergence of hundreds of digital platforms. Online shopping websites are among internet applications that people rely on for their every day shopping. Amazon and ebay are good examples. You can find almost all the items you require on these sites. However, you have to be very careful since some crooks have set up online sites to fleece unsuspecting individuals.

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Diskashop.com Review – Scam or Legit?

Diskashop.com is one of the online shopping platforms found through search engines. A visit to the home page shows that it has the required shopping features. At the top of the page, there are 4 tabs namely “Home,” “Shop,” “Contact Us” and “Track Your Order” while the “Refund Policy,” “Privacy Policy,” “Shipping Policy,” and “Terms of Service” are at the bottom. Common modes of cashless payments including American Express, iPhone Pay, Master card, and Visa are displayed at the right bottom corner. The middle of the page is occupied by an awesome sea front picture while there is a message informing the reader that new products are available every week below it. Besides, the site informs you that you can find everything that you need. There is also another call to action message, “Don’t doubt it and start shopping,” which is enough to clear your doubt.


On clicking on the ‘Shop’ tab, you are directed to the products page. When you choose the product of your choice, you are again directed to another page where the product features are displayed and there is a ‘BUY’ tab at the middle. Next you fill in your name and contact information and then you follow the instructions until you pay for your good through the various cashless payment allowed by Diskashop. You can then start tracking your good as usual.

Diskashop review isn’t encouraging at all. Tens of people have filed complaints after failing to receive their goods. In our research, we have realized that DiskaShop has two different addresses, one in Paris, France, and another in CA, USA. Similarly, its owners’ name and address is missing in the WHOIS details. Concealment of most of the information about the owners makes it hard to make a follow up even if you have a genuine complaint. It will require a lot of time and involve multiple security agencies to find the culprits.

Also, its “Refund Policy” matches with those of scam sites as it is impossible to get a refund. It has many conditions including that you should not have used the product and sales goods aren’t refundable. Similarly, the huge discounts on most of the products in diskashop.com should raise eyebrows.

Besides, a closer analysis of the website shows that it isn’t properly secured making it easy to lose your private and financial information. Furthermore, the site asks for more than enough financial information from its customers to an extent of allowing them to deduct your funds at will. Lastly, its rating is too low.


In conclusion, Diskashop is a scam. Those who have given out their financial information should report to their financial institution immediately to safeguard their funds. Individuals who have ordered goods should just consider purchasing through other online channels or in retail stores. And if you planning to order, STOP! It’s a scam.