Do you really get paid using PlaySpot app?

These days majority of the people are spending their time over internet. With this they find various ways to earn money online. Some of the ways to earn money are taking surveys, completing offers, installing applications, watching videos, etc. One of the online source to earn money is playing games. But it is very skeptical to find a gaming app which pays well.

Recently we came across a gaming app named PlaySpot. These days it has been a famous gaming application which pays real cash.

Historically what happens with these game apps is that they are swindled. Initially these applications pay you many points so that you keep yourself motivated. But the company adds the points slowly and it becomes so much difficult for the users to reach the threshold limit.

Here the question arises whether PlaySpot is a legit application or just a way to scam people?

In this article we will go to the depth of PlaySpot application and wi provide you the honest opinion.

Do you really get paid using PlaySpot app?

What it PlaySpot app?

PlaySpot is a gaming application which allows its members to earn money by playing games of their choice. PlaySpot is publicized as No 1 Rewarding application. The company also provides other options which allow their members to earn more money like taking offers, watching videos and ads.

If we observe Play Store reading that it would be clear that nearby 5 million people have downloaded the PlaySpot application in the desire of earning real money.

Speaking of cash, the points you collect in PlaySpot can be exchanged in the form of cash through PayPal or gift cards from well known brands like Google Play cards, Amazon, etc.

As for now 1000 points contains the value of $1 or €1.

Currently the application PlaySpot is available only for Android users. The application is likely to some other apps like MistPlay, AppStatipn, etc.

How PlaySpot tends to work?

Recently the application is available only for Android users. Hence it can be downloaded from Google Play Store. For being started you have to allow the company to get an access to your mobile device. Therefore you will not be allowed to play games if you do not provide your acceptance.

The catch behind this hustle is that if you do not provide approval to your mobile phone the Google Play Store will not be able to track the progress of its members. Plus the company will not showcase you necessary ads and will not improve the app.

If you log in yourself as a member of PlaySpot then you will receive 5000 coins i.e. $5 from the company.

Unlike other application PlaySpot does not require your registration for playing games. You can start playing games and fetching points as per you Caliber.

But it’s advisable to register yourself otherwise you will miss all of your points that you earned. This happens in the situation when you uninstall the application or change your cell phone.

You can find an option with the nametag “More ways to earn money”. There in this section you will find an option to log in with Facebook which will fetch you 200 coins for registration.

Ways to earn money using PlaySpot:

  1. Game:

The main source of earning money through PlaySpot is by playing games. The app will show you a varied list of games which can be downloaded in order to make money.

Though there are plenty of games available for the users. But if you reside in UK or US then you have many chances to fetch money.

You only have to download the application from a wide list of games and start playing games in order to earn money.

The best thing about PlaySpot is that it shows you the updated account whenever you fetch coins. Unfortunately all of the listed games have plenty of ads in it. Even during the game or at the end the users are enforced to watch the ads. It becomes really frustrating to majority of users to watch ads.

While you get annoyed so the users can deposit a small payment to remove the ads as these ads last for maximum 30 seconds.

  1. Watching videos:

Initially you will receive 200 coins for your first video and thereafter you will get 10 coins for each video you watch. While I don’t think that watching video is an ideal way to fetch money because you become restricted towards single ad after every 2 minutes.

Probably through my point of view the best way to earn money by watching videos via Hideout.tv which can be detached in some GPT sites like Prizerebel, etc.

  1. Offers:

This section can be said is boundless in list of task if provides especially if you reside in UK.

Majority of the offers presented by the company are free of cost while some of them require their members to deposit some amount.

Some of the offers played by PlaySpot are:

  • King of Avalon: You need to update your game namely Stronghold Castle till level 12 and you will receive 5266 points.
  • Board Kings: You will receive 2107 coins for playing the game and reaching level 4.
  • Mistplay: All you need is to choose a game from the mix list and you will receive 878 coins for playing the chosen game.

As the $20 is the cash out limit. Therefore if you just play the games it would be a bit difficult for the members to reach the limit. But if you even choose downloading and some third party offers then probably you will reach the threshold in mean time.

The company even upgrades you points once you reach 9000 coins. This means you will reach PRO level and you will receive higher payments for you tasks.

Cash out limit:

The decided cash out limit is $20 which equals to 20000 coins. Once you reach the threshold limit you can redeem your coins through PayPal, bank transfer or even you can redeem through gift vouchers from well known brands like Google Play, Amazon, etc.


  • You can earn $5 as your sign up bonus which helps the members to reach the threshold easily.
  • The company is available worldwide but if you reside in UK or US then you can grab more opportunities.
  • PlaySpot provides its members many fun games.


  • The minimum threshold $20 is way too high.
  • There are many objection regarding missing payments of the users.
  • The worst part about PlaySpot is that it doesn’t update its offers section on a daily basis.
  • Majority of the members have complained that there was an error when they requested for paymeny withdrawal.


After taking all the points into consideration it is observed that PlaySpot is a legit app. But due to various reasons we do not suggest PlaySpot to any of our reader. One of the harsh compliant is that the company does not pay its members. PlaySpot does not stand up to its promises. Therefore we definitely suggest our readers to stay away from such applications and sites.

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If you have any doubts or queries then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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