Does scratching cards fetch you money? Scratch Royale app Review

Everyone is desired to earn money online with doing nothing. People these days are falling for various scam sites. These companies attract people with various tricks and bound them with offers. Hence majority of the people are falling in the trap of scammers. We welcome all of our investigators who had taken a strong initiative towards the safety of society.

Recently we came across and application namely Scratch Royale which allows personages to earn money by scratching games. Here the biggest question arises whether Scratch Royale is worth investing time or just another trick played by scammers to conquer their motive.

In this article we will babble the truth itself and cover all the prospects to showcase the reality of the company Scratch Royale.

Does scratching cards fetch you money? Scratch Royale app Review

What is Scratch Royale app?

This application renders people an opportunity to earn real cash by scratching free cards. The company is applicable worldwide and can be used by the residents of all countries. The company Scratch Royale is operated by Viker Limited. The company states that each member can scratch up to 20 cards each day. Thus these scratch cards will walk you to the way of earning an opportunity of winning prizes varying from £1 – £250. Hence the free scratch cards will provide you tokens which can be saved for future reference in order to exchange for real cash.

The company restricts people to become the member of Scratch Royale who are less than 12 years of age.

The reason behind Scratch Royale app is exempt from deposit because the company is capitalized by various advertisers as they wish to introduce their new and latest products. Therefore you will be constantly insisted to watch ads as this is the new tactic of the inventors.

How Scratch Royale tends to work?

Firstly you will be required to download and install the application from Google Play Store. Currently the Scratch Royale app is available for the Android users only. Thereafter you will be required to sign up using your Facebook id.

Then the company will require your permission for accessing your data for providing you ads which are identical. Hence it will be your sole choice whether to accept the request or relapse.

At last you will be asked to select the currency of the country you reside in so that the company will pay in the similar currency. Presently the available options are USD, EUR, $ AUD, GBP.

Ways of fetching tokens:

  • Free Scratch Cards: On a daily basis the company releases 20 cards which can be scratched for obtaining tokens and these tokens vary from card to card. The token prize vary between 100,000 – 1000,000 which equals to £1 – £

The company claims that these scratch cards are freshening up thrice a day, once at 9 am then at 3 pm and lastly at 9 pm (GMT).  This is an occasion for those who have missed the chance and can grab them whenever the scratch cards refreshes. Every detail will be mentioned on the dashboard explaining the time left for the next lot, index consisting of gift cards and the tokens you will fetch with each card you scratch.

It is advisable to always screenshot your earned points as in case your account does not get credited then you contact the support team and showcase them the proof.

You should be quite ready for receiving an ad video which will be moving for 10-20 seconds.

  • Challenges: In this section you will fetch tokens after you finish your subscribed challenges. Some of the achievements from Scratch Royale app are mentioned below:
  1. You will receive 100,000 tokens once you install and play Scratch Royale app.
  2. If you conquer the wholesome lot of scratch cards available then you will fetch 1000 tokens.
  3. You could follow the Facebook page of Scratch Royale in order to get 10,000 tokens.
  4. You can earn 5,000 tokens if you play for consecutive days continuously.
  • Refer friends: Fortunately the company has provided an opportunity to its members to earn money by inviting friends.

The company restricts the members to refer friends more than a time period of 15 days. Hence you need to quick and swift. Once your referee joins Scratch Royale using your referral code then you and your referral will receive 100,000 tokens.

For receiving undisturbed payments you should remain an active member otherwise if you don’t log your account for at least a period of 90 days then the application will delete all of your accumulated points. The reason behind this restriction is because there are daily updates by Scratch Royale and the company wants active members in their working area.

Hence you should log in the application frequently and it is advisable not to uninstall it. Due to some exceptional defect you might need to uninstall the app again which brings to the level of zero and you need to start from there.


  • The application Scratch Royale is available for the people residing all over the world.
  • The application can be installed and used free.
  • The tasks are quite fun and easy to do.


  • The application has shortage of limpidity. In simpler words the company is not transparent towards the tokens will the members fetch once he completes the task.
  • It becomes difficult to conquer the cash rewards.
  • You will receive various ads while takings tasks.
  • It’s quite hard to reach the optimum level i.e. the maximum threshold.
  • The application Scratch Royale is available only for Android users.
  • You can counter to lose all of your accumulated points if you do not login for at least 90 days or uninstall the application. Hence you will be required to start from zero.


The company has separated the prizes earned. The two times to payments are cash balance and token balance.

You will be allowed to withdraw cash points the moment you reach the threshold limit i.e. £10, $10, €10.

In the case of tokens you will be required to collect at least 5,000,000 tokens in order to receive £5.

You will receive the payments through the medium of PayPal. After the request is submitted you can expect to receive within 3-7 working days.


It is observed that Scratch Royale app is similar to other application like Lucky Day app and Scratch Day app. All of such application are legit and worth working with.

The application Scratch Royale is absolutely legit but we do not recommend it to our present and potential members. The minimum cash out limit to be reached is quite high and it will take you long time to reach the threshold.

Not just that you will also lose all of your earned points once you remain inactive for 90 days. Instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend Scratch Royale to readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.  


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