Does Spin Day app diddle? Spin Day Review

All the readers are duly welcome in our review section. We basically research about various flooded application and websites which allow people to earn money online. But as we know many of them turn out to be sweepstakes. Definitely it turns out to be the fruitful business for advertisers. Therefore the users get hang in the scam of fraudulent people.

Hence, we have come up with a recent day application namely Spin Day. There is a majority of the population who has downloaded Spin Day application due to its claim and promises. Therefore we are writing this review to cover all the major prospects of Spin Day application and conclude whether it is scam or innocent.

Does Spin Day app diddle?

What is Spin Day app?

Basically Spin Day is a free game which allows its members to earn real cash. All you need to win rewards is to do spinning.

The company provides you fresh spinners at times a day which will increase your chance of winning rewards. These spinners range from £5 £60.

Spin Day was invented by a UK based company named Viker Limited. This mother company also operates other two sweepstake games named as Scratch Royale and Scratch Day.

The game is pretty simple. All you need is to press the GO button to start. If by chance you luck to match all the three marks you will earn rewards and tokens. It is evenly approachable to reach the threshold if you finish desired easy tasks and referral codes with full concentration. If you fortunately reach the limit of 5 million points then you can withdraw them via PayPal as $5, £5, €5.

The company restricts the users less than the age of 17. Therefore on a mandatory part you must be 17 or above. If in case you wish to use Spin Day app and you are younger than 17 years then you must receive the approval of your guardians after giving them a glance of the Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.

How Spin Day app works?

The Spin Day application can be downloaded either on Google Play Store or App Store. The application is absolutely free of cost and there are no up swells. The application can be used only by the people of 17 or older. In case you are younger and you have a desire to operate the application then you must the consent of your guardians.

Thereafter the installation the company provides its users option to ignore the ads which are broadcast by the advertisers. In case the users select As Spin Day application is rewarding paying to app this means that it is been capitalized by certain advertisers. For this purpose you need to watch periodic ads. That’s how the people or say the users are paid.

To receive the video ads then the company will utilize their mobile data in order to glimpse you customized ads.

If the information falls short then you may check the Privacy Policy of the Spin Day app. After this you can chose the country you reside for respective and enter either your email address or Facebook id for registration.

Ways to earn money:

Playing game:

The main subject to earn money by Spin Day app is by playing game. As I mentioned above that the company provides three spinners in the whole mean time.

Therefore after you play the initial game the countdown starts for your very first spinner for the day. The update for the day will articulate on the top of the cover.

Every spin provides you five different occasions to win the prize. These spins range from £5 to £60. As I told you before in order to win the prize you must tap the button named GO and match three identical sign. These signs glimpse at every time the wheel rotates and you must match three of them. In case the three symbols you wish to match and they don’t then you can counter for other three to win prizes. These matching signs will get you token from 250 to 1600.


The company astonishingly provides other occasions to earn money to their users. This can be done by accomplishing and therefore finishing some of the tasks provided.

Some of the examples of tasks are mentioned below:

  • Initial spin = The first spin game fetch you 1000 tokens.
  • Rating = If you rate the spin in your day you will receive 10000 tokens.
  • Follow on Social media = If you follow the company on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and provides them likes on the same then you will receive 10000 tokens.
  • Referral code = If you can invite referrals which will fetch you 100000 tokens if they join Spin Day app on your link.

Pay out Limit:

The company provides their users two options in order to cash out. First requirement stands that you must collect $10, €10, £10 in the cash account otherwise you must have 5,000,000 tokens in your Spin Day app account to withdraw them as $5, €5, £5.

To reach the requirement you will take months which annoys majority of the people and they considerably leave the game before reaching the limit.

Once you reach the limit you can drop a petition to cash out your account. Your requested payment can be received within 7 working days. The payment will come in your PayPal account.

How much can you expect to earn?

It’s quite simple that you must be fortunate enough to win the spins. As it is told that the payout limit is 5000000 tokens which equals to $5 or say £5. It very difficult to reach the threshold within a month or two. Therefore as an approximate the users will take 5 to 6 months in order to reach the threshold.

Even the company claims that whatsoever promises and statements are made in the Terms and Conditions on the Spin Day app are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.


  • The Spin Day application is available for Android and iOS users.
  • The company does not display many ads as measured by other apps.
  • After reaching the threshold amount can be withdraw via PayPal which is the most reliable source for payment.


  • Majority of the people have complained that there were some technical defects. In case you try to uninstall the application all your hard earned money will be lost.
  • To reach the threshold people have to work for months because of the minimum payout necessity.
  • Many users have complained that they had experienced the lost of rewards and tokens.


As there is no proof of hustling by the Spin Day app. Therefore we cannot conclude that the application is scam but yes it’s definitely not safe to use. The users take long time to reach the cash out limit nearly 5-6 months. The payout limit is 5000000 tokens which is way too high to demand.

Though the application Spin Day app is 100% legit but due to various reasons mentioned above we do not recommend it to our customers.

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In case you have any doubts or queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.


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