Wish to earn passive income? DollarClix Review

Each and every research has its destination and you have found yours. With patience and information any person can reach the height of success. These days’ people are in search of online job opportunities as they are a path of earning passive income.

One of the occasions to earn money online is by connecting with third party offers. Recently we came across a website namely DollarClix which gets you in touch with highest paying survey sites.

It’s very much doubtful to call DollarClix a PTC site because most of the PTC sites use the word Clix as suffix. Thereafter viewing it a bit we acknowledge that DollarClix is a GPT (Get Paid To) site.

In this article we will detail the working of DollarClix and reveal whether DollarClix is a legit site or not.

Wish to earn passive income? DollarClix Review

What is DollarClix?

As mentioned above DollarClix is a GPT (get paid to) site which allows its members to fetch rewards for conquering easy and simple tasks provided by the third party investors.

The company DollarClix is available for the people residing all over the world. According to our observation people living in UK or US are able to fetch more occasions to earn rewards.

Some of the opportunities provided by DollarClix are mentioned below:

  • Completing surveys.
  • Subscribing to the trial offers.
  • Watching videos.
  • Downloading applications.
  • Playing games.
  • Participating in lucky draws.
  • Singing up to various websites.

Fortunately another opportunity lying in the way of members is to invite more referrals in order to earn more rewards.

For the time invested members will be able to fetch more and more points which can be exchanged for several gift card options available.

I can totally estimate the rate of anxiety you people are dealing with whether to join DollarClix or not. Therefore we can finally state that after an intense research DollarClix is a legitimate GPT site.

One thing you people should be aware of that DollarClix will not pay their members via PayPal as they are been banned by PayPal.

The best part about DollarClix is that the company has taken the pain to prepare a separate section for its member’s safety known as “Proof of Payment” which will ensure the people of their payments. In this section people can also view the recent payments of people.

How does DollarClix tend to work?

After browsing DollarClix you will have to register yourself in order to become the member of DollarClix which is absolutely free. People are only required to submit their name, last name, age, email address. Thereafter you will be required to verify your email by clicking on the confirmation email send to your submitted email address.

Using VPN is not allowed by the company therefore make sure prior registering to DollarClix your VPN must be uninstalled.

Ways to earn points:

You should remember that you can fetch points or cash only when you complete a task or an offer. Even the members can redeem the points accumulated for cash.

The members should be aware that 100 points equals to $1.

The company DollarClix provides various options to its members in order to earn more points which are mentioned below:

  • Surveys: DollarClix provides its members various paid surveys from third party companies such as Theorem Reach, Your Surveys and Yuno. These routers can be glimpsed either from the “earn points” or structured offer walls.

In order to participate in surveys you will be required to complete demographic profile which will consist of few questions like annual income, employment status, education, marital status, etc. Thereafter the members interested in taking surveys will also fill screening test which will consider whether you are an ideal candidate for the survey or not. Thus the qualification procedure is quite difficult to pass and will consume time.

Hence members can avoid rejection only by submitting honest reviews and answers which can probably increase the chance of qualification. Otherwise there is no other way out to reach the surveys.

Majority of the surveys in DollarClix fetch you from 50 – 100 points which equals to $0.50 – $1.

  • Offer walls: This section includes paid offers which are an amazing way to reach the threshold limit. The company has collaborated with various third party offer walls such as Persona.ly.o, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Adwall.

There are some offers which can be observed in two different offer walls, therefore we advise you not to grab both the offers as the company will not credit your account for this.

Offers which are free to sign up are much more preferable than any other offers available as at times when your account will not be credited then this will not pinch you up.

Every offer in this section is attached with some rules and regulations which are to be fulfilled without of bit of losing it so that you get credited for the time invested.

This section also provides an offer which requires its members to download an application and use it for some certain mentioned period.

Another type of offer available in the offer walls is subscribing for free trials which can be done by submitting details of your credit card.

The company DollarClix has created offers and tasks of their own where you can fetch points by following the company on various social media platforms and collecting contents which promotes the company.

Each and every offer provides different points to the members but mostly you can expect to fetch from 20 – 200 points which equals to $0.20 – $2.

  • Inviting friends: Luckily DollarClix offers another opportunity to its members to earn money by inviting friends. When your friends join DollarClix using your referral link then you will fetch 25% of all their earnings and additional $1 if the referrals cross the limit of $1.

The members will also fetch 10% of all the earnings of referral referrals. In order to accumulate commission via referral program the members should be an active member in each week. Therefore they will be required to accomplish at least 1 task in each week.


DollarClix has set the minimum cash out limit at 500 points which equals to $5 if the members wish to redeem the points via prepaid Mastercard, prepaid Visa and Tango gift card.

If members wish to exchange the points through gift cards, bank, Payoneer and Wire then there is no threshold to be achieved.


  • The GPT site is available globally.
  • The company provides referable programs to its members.
  • Simple and easy registration.


  • Income potential is quite low.
  • The most reliable option for payment is not available.
  • In order to earn the commission the members must be active after every 7 days.


In our final verdict we conclude that DollarClix is a legit and trustworthy site which will add some extra income in the pockets.

The company has partnered with more than 20 offer walls and provides lots of opportunities to its members. The only plunge with this GPT site is that the payments cannot be processed via PayPal.

Hence we recommend DollarClix to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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