DollarSaw Review – Is a Scam?

Dollarsaw Review – Is a Scam?

DollarSaw is a scam site and the owner of DollarSaw is also responsible for may scam sites in the past. Not in the past, he opens new site daily one after another to scam people. One thing that he does with every site that he registered them privately, So it is impossible to find that who actually operates these website.But When he opens new site, he uses similar kind of themes which he used in past scam sites. You can see that dollarsaw theme is same as Dutyspace, So it made very easy to find us this site is from the same owner. We also added this sites into tour “Avoid Scams” List.

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Dollarsaw provides very attractive offer on their site for a simple work. The main work on this site is to promote your referral link on forums, blogs, chatroom, facebookwalls e.t.c and when someone click on this link you will earn $5-$10. When you work on the site and As the website claims you will find that your account balance is increasing. They also give you  $25 when you sign up on their system. By giving, $25 signup bonus, $10 for promoting referrals this website is targeting the people who want to make money with out hard work. Money comes from hard work, Website like  Dollarsaw make money for themselves by scamming these type of people.

Dollarsaw doesn’t pay to anyone. In dollarsaw, the minimum cashout limit is $300 and when you reached to limit and request for payout, Your request will never be proceed. When you contact with them regarding your payment, they  will also say you to upgrade your account in order to get paid. So the member who give money for upgrading account falls into their trap because even  this site doesn’t pay to upgraded members.

Site like dollarsaw also make money by selling your personal information. They get your personal infromaton when you sign up on their website. They sell your email id to email marketing agencies and make good money for themselves. So sites like DollarSaw open with intention to scam innocent people, They are only here to make benift for themselves not for you. Till date,  companies from this group never pay to anyone.

Now you know, Dollarsaw is a completely fake website, So you should stay away from this site and the sites which are very similar to Dollarsaw. If you are intrested to know the real sites from which you can earn good money online then you can find those sites by clicking this link

If you have any questions about DollarSaw or want to ask about any other online scams, then please drop your comments below. We are happy to help you.