What is Dollarsteller? Is Dollarsteller Scam or Legit?

What is Dollarsteller? Is Dollarsteller Scam or Legit?

Are you searching the internet to know about Dollarsteller.com, then you are smart person who have the wisdom to get the information about the websites that are paying profitably for completing absurd tasks. In this Dollarsteller Review, we are going to answer some questions that are troubling people in general, like, is Dollarsteller Scam? Or is Dollarsteller Legit? Or is Dollarsteller Real? Or is Dollarsteller Fake? Websites are offering easy ways to earn money by completing easy task. The tasks are so easy that it take only 5 seconds to complete them. The question arise that such websites pay to its members or not? If you do not want to read Dollarsteller full review, then ‘Dollarsteller is a Scam website’. They are not paying to its members. There are other various websites listed in our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list that have similar theme, working and offers like Dollarsteller. Website listed in our Avoid Scam list is already declared as a scam website.


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What is Dollarsteller.com Is Dollarsteller Scam or Legit Is Dollarsteller Real or Fake Dollarsteller Review, Dollarsteller

How does Dollarsteller works?

Dollarsteller is offering people to earn $10 for every task provided by them. The company credit member account immediately and there is not time delay in this. The company asks easy tasks that can be completed by anyone around the world and the duration in which anyone can complete the task, is 5 seconds. The tasks if you see will be absurd and make no sense. Why people do it? It is because of greed. People are demanding the easy ways to earn money and such companies are providing it. But people just follow the offers and did not care about the company authenticity. Everything works properly on this website until member request for withdrawal of payment. Everyone is working to earn money. The question arise is that does this website pay? Before requesting for the payment members have to surpass the minimum amount limit. It is the minimum amount which a member should have in their account before requesting for the withdrawal of the money. After, meeting this limit member put a request of withdrawal and receive the message from the website that, ‘your request is in process and it will take some time’. The company strategically delays this process. After few days, member loses its patience and complaint of not receiving money. The company replies with the message that ‘to get your payment soon, the member has to complete some paid surveys or pay for up-gradation fees’. The company is not going to pay its members no matter how many tasks one completes. If someone complete surveys also then also he/she did not receive any money. What did just happen is that, instead of getting your earned money member ended up by losing their own pocket money.

The company owner details are not mentioned in this website. Leave the owner detail the company did not even mentioned any name of their employee. Since, money is involved in this website the quantum of transparency is essential. The company did not have any credibility to be working as an employer. The company also hided their details in WHOIS records, it simply means that they are hiding purposely like a scam website. They do not want to relieve their identity so that no one can catch them.

The company does not trust people with their information and that is why they did not share any information. Can you believe such company will share its revenue with people? Company asks people to share their information with them. The personal information accumulated by the company from the members. Later on company turned data into big data which company sells to third party. The financial details will also be asks by the company so that they can release the payments. It is not what they want. The revelation of financial information with the unscrupulous people working in this website make member vulnerable to hacker’s wrath.


Dollarsteller is not a good website and they are 100% scam website. They are operating to fool others and take the advantage of their ignorance. The company is using people time and resource to earn revenue for them only. Their offers are not sustainable for any company. Since, they did not pay to its member; therefore, they never get collapse even working on non-viable business plan.


If you have any doubt regarding Dollarsteller please bring it is in our consideration. We will be glad with your effort.