Is doTERRA a Scam? Pyramid Scheme or another MLM company, find out

Hi friends, like many people we also came to know about the doTERRA- an essential oil company, which is beneficial in improving your health and also provide an opportunity to have wealth.

Before, starting our review, we want to appreciate your effort of taking time out of your life to know about the site.

This kind of attitude helps people to avoid not only scam but save their time, money and resources.

Our aim to write this article is not about to promote their product but our area of concern is that can you earn money on this website or not.

Many people do not like to read the whole article, so we can provide a summary to you. DoTERRA is a network marketing site. Its working is also similar to other networking sites i.e. you can earn money by selling their products or making new recruits.

You will earn money through commission. It is a legit business which is based on MLM business i.e. Multi-Level Marketing. We do not recommend this site as it will not help you to earn a sustainable income until or unless you are an expert of marketing business.

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Is doTERRA a Scam Pyramid Scheme or another MLM company, find out

What is doTERRA and how it works? What are its products?

DoTERRa is selling an essential oil which is based on MLM business. DoTERRA is a catchy work which derives from Latin which means- ‘Gift of the Earth’. There is stiff competition present for doTERRA.

DoTERRA comes into existence in 2008. This is founded by David Stirling who was earlier used to work as an executive to doTERRA competitor “Young Living”.

doTERRA Products Line

doterra product

Initially, doTERRA brings out its product only based on essential oils. With time it has expanded its product line which includes other products regarding health like personal care products, supplements, weight loss products, etc.

  1. Essential Oils: it has Single Oils as well as Proprietary Blends. The single oils generally include lavender, peppermint, and lemon. The proprietary blends include peace and serenity.
  2. Breathe Series: Vapor stick, Respiratory drops
  3. DigestZen: supplements and essential oils for people with a poor digestive system.
  4. On Guard Series: Hand wash, toothpaste, detergent etc…
  5. Supplements: daily fruits and vegetables, children’s supplements, Women’s supplements etc.
  6. Weight loss products: metabolic gum, soft gets, meal replacement shakes etc…
  7. Personal Care: Skincare, hair care, body products etc…

To prove their customers that their essential oils are not just pure but also contain therapeutic effects on the human body, they show CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade).

The only problem with CPTG certificate is that it is not backed by any association or concerned authorities. It means their claim about their product to have therapeutic effects is not right.

The real question: How to make money in doTERRA?

As we have explained above, they are working on MLM business, it means everyone has two major ways to earn money i.e. by selling their product and earn retail commission or you can recruit new people as a member as you are and ear commission on recruiting new member (it can yield some bonus also with time).

But to start your journey as their member first you have to pay the registration fee of $35. If we compare their fees with other contemporary companies then the fees are reasonable.

The members of doTERRA are officially known as “Wellness Advocates”. The condition of doTERRA is it required its distributors to spend at least $100 per month in order to qualify to get a company sales commission.

For us, it is an absurd condition. Their limit is also very high. What happens when people are not able to sell their product or fail to qualify their mark, they buy the product on their own and pay from their own pocket just to not lose their commission on other products.

Compensation Plan of doTERRA

4 ways to get paid

  1. Distributors will earn 25% commission on their retail sale.
  2. Within the period of 60 days, Fast Start Bonus helps distributors to earn extra percentage commission from their first 3 levels of downline recruits. For level one, you will earn 20% extra commission. For the second and third you can earn 10% and 5% extra commission respectively.
  3. Power of three bonus is an additional cash bonus, it can be avail by you and recruits downline up to 3 level. It is a team effort kind of bonus that can provide you $50, $250 and $1500.
  4. In Unilevel Bonus you can earn a percentage of your downlines’ overrides down 7 levels deep.

One thing is common among MLM companies i.e. their compensation plans are confusing. Some companies make it complicated so that person instead of understanding it start working for them. Still, we want you to understand their plan by watching the video.

Pros of doTERRA

  1. Today, when everyone is health conscious, the essential oil is also becoming popular and its market is growing every day. Since its market is growing you can really earn if you are an expert in marketing (especially online marketing).
  2. DoTERRA is accredited by BBB i.e. Better Business Bureau in 2007 with an A+ rating.

Cons of doTERRA

  1. Their main focus is recruiting new members instead of selling their product more. Actually, when some company does this kind of activity we called it a Pyramid Scheme which is an illegal scheme. But doTERRA is not working on Pyramid Scheme as they have a real product which they are actually selling.
  2. Despite accredited by BBB as A+ rating still many complaints about the product is available on the internet.
  3. More than 95% of distributors fail to earn a good amount of money. Generally, people who are new get stuck in a site like this and they know nothing about the internet marketing.
  4. People use their social circle or relations to sell their product and in the beginning, they start earning. After some time this list gets exhausted and saturation point comes. Now, you do not have any motivation to work further as you are earning almost zero.
  5. The same thing happens with the people to whom you recruit downline. You are not motivated and you are also not able to motivate others, so it ends up pretty bad.
  6. People use old methods to get new recruits even at the time of the digital world.
  7. To earn via digital marketing people need to know some basic in the beginning and that is why people who are expert in this field can earn really well. It is because they use their skill not to push people to buy their product. But needed people come to them on their own. We know seems absurd but this is the way new things work.


The company doTERRA is not a scam site and it is a legit site. We do Not Recommend it due to various reasons we have already mentioned. So keep the distance from this site. Sites like this show you big dreams but in reality, if you do not know the basic and how digital marketing works you are not going to earn good money. Some money you can because anyone who can sell any product is definitely going to earn money. But believe us it is not going to be much. To know how this market work and how to avail of the benefits of digital marketing you need guidance and here comes the Wealthy Affiliate in the picture.

This site is our no. 1 recommended company. Our recommendation is based on the facts and real stories we have seen and experience. We have seen many people earning very good money online and many of them have their own business. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link:

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If you have any doubt regarding doTERRA site please share it us by providing your doubt in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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