and Scam Alert and are online scams just like any other scammer websites. Theses website claims that you can earn $10 per referral. But after about five referrals you find out that your earnings have grown to $25. This means they do not pay you the $10 per referral, they have just paid $5. These websites defects explain to you automatically that it is an online scam game. Signing to this site is free and very easy. You just need to sign up using your email and password. Note that these websites don’t have anti-spamming policies, they encourage their clients to go on spamming to people. However, it is a simple platform where they give you a link that you are supposed to promote using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and advertising websites.

Scam Alert and Are Scam Websites.

Why  Doweeklywork and Myworkinghour are Scam?

There is not a single firm that will pay you $10 for just clicking the referral links and surveys. This is false information they use to lure more clients to sign up on their platforms. However, you should note that real owners of the site have hidden their information. They have devised the unique way of hiding their information to avoid scrutiny from the relevant authorities.
Theses websites Doweeklywork and myworkinghour have strict measures to withdraw money. A limit of $300 is required for you to withdraw your money. Therefore you have to get as many referrals as possible to reach the set limit. Through a simple calculation, you are required to do about 60 referrals for you to reach the limit. Doweeklywork and myworkinghour use you for financial games and they will never pay no matter how many referrals you make in a day.
Some of the reasons why Doweeklywork and myworkinghour are scam websites:
You will never get paid, no matter what effort and time you dedicate. Your effort and time will just go to waste. Therefore use your effort in doing something else that benefits you.
Many scam websites don’t have a delete option. You will never delete your account, you might go away for a year and still find your account is there unless the website is pulled down by Google.
Doweeklywork and myworkinghour developers have hidden their actual details and contacts. Scammers usually put fake addresses and information so you will never get to know their real identity.
Doweeklywork and myworkinghour have devised fake testimonials that will convince you of getting payments. Their websites have slides of people giving fake information on how they were paid the huge amount of money for just doing referrals.


If you want to earn money online. Just start your own online businesses. Choose the line of business and create your own website for your business. Start creating traffic for your business, this is the simplest way to make money on your own online. Avoid Doweeklywork and myworkinghour , nobody will pay you for just conducting online surveys. Doweeklywork and myworkinghour are there to make money for themselves, not you. Do not display your information out there to scammers. Earn money on your own by promoting your business to avoid scammers. Therefore, Both websites Doweeklywork and myworkinghour are just a scam websites and you will never earn anything from it.
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