What is Dubai-pays.com? Is Dubai-Pays Scam?

What is Dubai-pays.com? Is Dubai-Pays Scam?

Do you looking around the internet to know about Dubai-pays.com? Then you are reading the right article which will solve your curiosity. In this Dubai-pays review, we will answer some questions that might be troubling you. The questions like, is Dubai-pays Scam? Or is Dubai-pays Legit? Or is Dubai-pays Real? Or is Dubai-pays Fake? All these questions we are going to be dealing with this article. There are other sites also available similar to Dubai-pays which are also offering very high Return on Investment (ROI). The company wants people to invest your money on their site and take a back seat. Your money will grow every day. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can cut it short for you. We do “Not Recommend” Dubai-pays because this company is working on Ponzi Scheme. The Ponzi scheme is the illegal scheme in which company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. The company pays initially but after accumulating enough money they shut down their site and run away with their money.

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What is Dubai-pays.com Is Dubai-pays Scam or Legit Is Dubai-pays Real or Fake Dubai-pays Review, Dubai-pays

How does Dubai-pays work?

Dubai-pays is a platform where one can invest their money. But the site is “Not Recommend” by us because of their working. The company investment plan is offering 1500% interest after 5 days. This is the very high-interest rate. This is not possible in real world. Actually, people think that making an investment is like a lottery. They are going to win huge by making an investment. In reality, it does not work like that. Big investors used their wisdom and years of experience of wrong investment to earn a big return from an investment after years. Therefore, providing 1500% interest and that is also after 5 days is not possible. The company does not have any plan to provide this return the only visible way from which company can generate revenue is by receiving investment. They are going to pay its members to form the new investment. This is nothing but the working of a Ponzi scheme. The company working is unsustainable. It will not be good for anyone to invest in a company whose future in limbo.

The company also have an affiliate program in which they are offering 15% commission to its members. The company is not selling any real product or services. It means the only way left from which company is going to pay the commission is again from the investment made by the new members. This makes the company working in another illegal scheme i.e. Pyramid Scheme. The company working on the illegal schemes makes it non-reliable from the investment point of view. It is very simple that you do not want to lose your money. You want to make money from money. Therefore, it will be advisable to not invest on this site. It is not going to help you to earn any money. It is possible that company might pay initially. But this is just to attract more investors. They are soon going to run away with people money. There are many other sites that are listed in our “Not Recommend” list that turned into scam after some time.

The company owner information is not provided on the official website. Isn’t it surprising that company does not give their own information? Information is very imperative in the present digital world. We all know today hackers also try to hack people information to use it for their unscrupulous purposes. On the other hand, scammers do not reveal their identity. The same thing is happening on this site. No information of any real person is available on the site. The company also guarded their information in WHOIS records. This is the most common characteristics you will observe among scam sites.


Dubai-pays is “Not Recommend” by us. It is the company that is working to fool people. They are not good to anybody. Initially they will pay but later on they will stop payments and in the end, they will going to be run away with all money. Beware of such sites and also aware people in your social circle about them.

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If you have any doubt regarding Dubai-pays please do mention in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.