What is DutySpace? Is dutyspace.com a Scam?

What is DutySpace? Is dutyspace.com a Scam?

If you are looking for DutySpace review in order to know what is DutySpace? Whether DutySpace is scam or legit or Wheteher DutySpace is real or fake? Then you are on right page. In our detail review of DutySpace, We will discuss about DutySpace background, DutySpace complaints, DutySpace payments proof  and more. Before you go ahead and read our full review, If you want to know quickly about DutySpace, then DutySpace is a completely fake site. This site doesn’t pay to anyone.

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Now, Let’s start with our review:-

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What is DutySpace? Background of Dutyspace

DutySpace is a site which claims that you can earn $1500 per week by doing simple task only for 5-6 minutes.Oh really, Can you make so much amount  of money only giving 5-6 minutes per day? think about it. Now what the task is? Task is very simple, They provide you a referral link and you have to promote that referral link into forums, blogs, chat rooms, facebook pages, ptc sites, advertising sites, e.t.c. Whenever anyone click on this link, You will earn to $5-$10 click. Why this site is giving so much amount of money for this simple work? We will talk about it but before this we discuss about the background of this site.

There is no information on their website about who owns or runs this website more than that DutySpace domain (www.dutyspace.com) was registered privately, So no one know who is the actually owner behind this site. However, dutyspace domain was registered on 25 Feb, 2017. Most of the website owner use this tactics to hide himself.

At the time of this review March, 2017 on their official website they are claiming that total paid to users today is  71142$. In order to pay that much amount of money with in a single day site need to be very popular and good number of members which is not case with the DutySpace. More than that, They are claiming that their top payout countries are USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Malayisa, China where they paid out more than $15000. In a single month so much amount of payout is not possible for the site which is not popular and only month old. All these fake claims shows site is completely fake.

Will You get paid from this company? Never

The site as claims that you will earn money by promoting link and when you do this work you will also see that your earning balance is increasing. The minimum cashout limit is $300 and when you reach this limit and request for payout, You will not get paid. This site doesn’t pay to any one, you can also find many complaints around the internet from the DutySpace members  for not getting paid.

Now, If you are thinking how this site can be scam if they are not taking any money? Then wasting someone time and effort is also a scam..And the investment phase come into the site, when you request for payout and they don’t pay. They ask you to complete some survey in order to get paid.  The survey they provides are not free, members need to invest from their own pocket and this is the phase where they earn money. The members who pay on these survey also not got payment from this site. They are also making money by selling your email address to third party so this site is online to making money for themselves not for you. So stay away from this site.


As we mentioned before that  this site is completely fake, So do not waste time and effort doing tasks for nothing in return.  This site doesn’t pay to anyone and never it will pay. So stay away from this site, It is 100% scam and We also  added this site into “Avoid Scams” section.

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If you have any questions about DutySpace or want to ask about any other online scams, then please drop your comments below. We are happy to help you.