Is Dvdendo App a Scam? Know everything which is required!!

Is Dvdendo App a Scam? Know everything which is required!!

Hello readers, we are back with another product this time it is an App name Dvdendo. We are happy to welcome to you in our Dvdendo Review.

How does not like to earn extra income? Everybody wants. The best place to earn it is by making an investment. Today, there are many options available to invest our money and Dvdendo is providing an easy way to it.

The problem is that like many of you earlier we did not know that, is Dvdendo Scam? Or is Dvdendo App Legit?

We will say that if you are having the same or similar questions in your mind then you are in the right place. It is because we will answer these questions in this article.

First of all, we want to appreciate your effort that you have taken a time off, to do your own research. This way you are not going to save yourself from the scam but also know the sites that are legit and working in real. Some of the sites you can see here:

Let us start our Review…

Company: Dvdendo 

Product: Investment System or App

Founder: Gabriel Montoya and Matthew Meehan

Scam: No

Brief: it is an investment making App, which makes your job easy to invest. It is a pretty much legit site and only available for the USA people. Is their system works or not for long-term, we have to wait and watch. You can use and try this app for the investment as the money they required to start the investment is very low. And everybody can take that kind of risk. To know more about the company and its working please read further.

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Is Dvdendo App a Scam Know everything which is required!!

What is Dvdendo? How does it work? What is it investment approach or strategy?

Devdendo App was founded by Gabriel Montoya (CEO and Co-founder) and Matthew Meehan (President and Co-founder). JC Carrillo is their Chief Technological Officer.

They are the professional of their field and they build this system to make saving easy and automatic. This way they can make professional investment advice available to everyone.

Dvdendo app is helping people to invest their money easily and with a small amount. They do not require a large bunch of money from you. They are providing a platform for people who want to invest but they cannot because they do not have a large amount of money.

They are helping to invest a small portion of your income or a specific small portion of daily expenditure. This way you can invest in a diversified, passively managed portfolio made up of thousands of stocks and bonds.

They invest member’s money in ETF’s which provide them a leverage to get a broadly diversified and high liquidity at a low cost.

They claim that their strategy is based on the framework provided by the Nobel Prize-winning research, which is known as Modern Portfolio Theory.

According to them, they invest the money with a longer time horizon in the world’s greatest companies and safe government bonds.

This is the passive approach, where they are not trying to time the market and buy & sell bonds according to it.

Three steps to get started:

  1. Sign-up with them. It takes only 5 minutes.
  2. Put a money in your account. There is no upper or lower limit. But to get started you needed $5.
  3. Start investing.

Affiliate Program

There is an affiliate program also available on Dvdendo App. It means you can earn money by inviting people on this site. When they do open their account then the company will give each of you $5. This way you can earn up to $200.

It is just a side income and does not get high dreams that this way you can earn a full income. The main channel by which you can earn money on Dvdendo is “Investment”.

Where to make an Investment?

You do not have to think about, how to invest and where to invest. The app or the system will take care of it automatically.

If you are curious to know where your fund is going to be held then it is at Apex Clearing Corporation in a brokerage account in your name. Now the first question may come into your mind is, why?

It is because Apex Clearing Corporation is a good player in their game. What we mean is that they are the leading provider of clearing and execution solution to the financial services industry. They have the customers who are the big players in the financial world.

This company is the member of NYSE, FINRA, and SIPC and is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

It allows Dvdendo to offer its members a full digital experience, from onboarding, signatures, reporting and account verification.

At the time of writing this article, Dvdendo is only available for the people of the USA only. But they will soon increase their reach, beyond the USA.

Dvdendo is different from Saving Account

It is not a bank which will offer you a saving account. It offers investment advisory services. Which is mean that your funds are held in a brokerage account and invested in a portfolio of securities?

What is the minimum account required to invest?

As we have already told that there is no minimum amount is required to open an account. It can start with a zero balance but in order to invest, you need to deposit minimum $5 in your account. This way you can activate your recommended portfolio.

Dvdendo cost

Yes, they charge some fees. Their fees are genuine. They charge $1 for those accounts which have less than $5000. They charge 0.25% of those accounts which have more than $5000.


Dvdendo is not a scam. You can invest money in this app. We will say try it and get experience because if they are saying the truth then it is a win-win situation. If they are not then you can take risk $5. It is not much.

What we are trying to say is that this app is very new and it takes time to see which direction it goes. But if they are right then you are going to earn good investment money.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Dvdendo App or any other site, please feel free to ask. We will be glad to help you. 

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