Is ( like other get to paid sites? 

Is ( like other get to paid sites?

If you are searching about then you have landed in the right place. Your search ends right here and this article we will be covering all of your doubts. We will be discussing whether is a legitimate get to paid site or just like other scam sites which lure people in vibrant.

These days we are daily struck with one or two get to paid sites over the internet. Hence most of them are scam sites to lure the decent customers. Such companies make fake and invalid promises of furnishing them with decent earnings. Therefore one such site is which promises people to pay legible amount of returns. But whether is legitimate website or not?

Is ( like other get to paid sites? 

What do you mean by is a get to paid websites which pay people to complete simple and easy tasks. It pays its members in points for completing missions, which they can convert it into cash or gifts.

The points you will earn is called Gems. You can earn them by finishing certain tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, answering surveys, or even by trying new games, and so on.

The points you earn in the form of gems you can even exchange them for either crypto currencies or gift cards once you reach the minimum threshold claimed by the company.

How works?

To be a member of you must have a Google account. You need to click on the “signing with Google” and accept the terms and conditions required. Then you are good to go. Joining on the is absolutely free and hence no up sells are to be incurred.

How to make money by using

As we all know that by is a GPT site which pays you money for doing effortless and easy tasks and surveys. There are many companies related to which provides surveys or tasks while some companies demand quizzes, downloading, watching videos, etc. Some ad companies provide different other ways so that people can outreach methods of earning more. Therefore this can be done by unsealing certain hidden features and even members can do this by completing their profile.

Various ways in which people or members can money through are:

  1. Surveys or offers: the moment you sign up you will see a bundle of lists over the offer wall like SaySo, KIWI wall,, etc. These are the third parties which provide various tasks, surveys, trail offers, etc. By clicking on the offer wall you will be taken to a website where you can browse and apparently you choose one of them which will fetch you points. Some of the common tasks involve prize draws, downloading and using apps, etc.

Primarily, surveys pay you less than $2. Usually you will be forced halfway in the middle of surveys.

  1. Ruffle: ruffle is out boxed after every 30 minutes and you are given an opportunity to earn 1 loot box. This loot box helps the users to earn or collect more gems.
  2. Videos: there are two companies which are partnered with and are even partnered with other GPT sites. These companies pay you for watching videos preferred by them. To earn money you must sign up with the video and link your account with it.
  3. Roll: this section is a bit difficult one and here you can multiply your gems up to expected nine. The higher there will be your multiplier the smaller your odds might be.

How much do you earn?

Points vary from different surveys and tasks. Some surveys fetch you 600 points while other might bring as much high as 30000 points. By watching videos you can either earn 500 points while some videos watching gets 2000 point. If you have completed profile updated then it helps companies to prefer your specific dimensions.

Referral program:

Fortunately, helps people to earn money points by providing referral program. You can invite other people to join and you get 10% of their earnings. provides various payment methods. Some are steam vouchers, crypto currencies, PayPal, etc. the crypto currencies are only available for Bit coin, Coinbase, Z cash, Lootbear, Etherium. Payment through PayPal, the minimum cash out limit is $1 while some crypto currencies require minimum threshold of $0.50.

Strengths of

  1. Joining is easy as you just to have a Google account.
  2. Various payment methods are available.
  3. Live chat is available.
  4. The best thing about is that it actually pays you. As there are many GPT sites which are fake but pays you in real.

Weakness of

  1. The minimum threshold of is very much high and reaching such a limit will require a lot of time.
  2. The referral commission is relatively very low.

Conclusion: is absolutely a trustworthy GPT site which pays you decent money. So far the company is paying its members according to their promises, if the members complete the tasks properly and satisfactorily.

Do we recommend?

Though the website is 100% legit but we still do not recommend you to use. As the income is very low and cash out limit is way too high. It’s a completely waste of time for the people as you will be investing a lot of your valuable time on it. Even the company is comparatively new still it has rebranded its name with which creates sourness in the hearts of members.

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