What is Earn.gg? Is Earn Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for the Earn.gg review then you are reading the right article. In this Earn.gg review we will answer some questions that disturb many people. Question are of wide range like, is Earn.gg Scam? Or is Earn.gg Legit? Or is Earn.gg Fake? Or is Earn.gg Real? Earn.gg is a site that pays its members to watch videos. Why this site is getting much hype? It is because they are paying via Bitcoin. It is not unique because many sites pay in Bitcoin. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide you the summary of this article in few lines. This site is a legit but we do “Not Recommend” this site. The reason behind our recommendation is given in this article. To understand the site fully, we advise you to read the full article.

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What is Earn.gg Is Earn Scam or Legit Is Earn Real or Fake Earn Review, Earn

How does Earn.gg works?

We have marked this site as a legitimate site but we do not recommend this site. It is because they don’t offer anything special. What you are doing on this site is to watch videos and they will pay in Bitcoins. There are many good sites working on the internet that are much established on the internet.  If you want to join this site then you can join it but it is not the best site to work. The only reason you can work on this site is because it is a legitimate site.

The ways to earn on this site are:

  1. Watching videos: the main method on this site to earn is by watching the videos. The site has different playlist which is hosted by the different companies like Stak TV, Engageme TV, Video Loyalty etc. When you click any of them the new tab will open automatically and the video will start playing with ads in between them. You are going to earn money by watching those ads and not the videos in reality. The money you will earn will not be much it will be like earning pennies. It means you are not going to earn make money or income. You can only earn money but you are not going to earn a fulltime online income.
  2. Roll and Coin flip: after earning money on this site, you got more chance to earn more. You can earn more money with Roll and Coin Flip. It is betting game. You place money on one side of the coin and if it comes then you earn money and if it does not come then you lose. The bet will earn around 5x of your bet. We are not recommending you to play bet on this site. It is because it becomes the habit and many people have losses their money.
  3. Refer friends: yes this site has a referral program also. You can earn money by making referral this site to its friends. The commission you will earn by making referral is 5%.
  4. Steam: by using the steam one can connect its account to unlock the other ways to earn. It means like joining their steam group, liking on social media, surveys and some offers. To get steam it is imperative that your account should be 2 months old. You need to have 10 hours of gameplay on a game you purchased over $10.

Earn reward on Earn.gg

The site has record option also. It pays through bitcoin, gitcoin, PayPal, gift cards to several stores. Different point values are Bitcoin: 200000 pts; Gitcoin: 10000 pts; PayPal: 55000 pts. It seems like the company is paying the money instant but it is not that easy because no. of points is needed to cash out each option.



  1. Confusing point system: It is not good to have confusing payout system. We feel that the company should pay its member the payment after the completion of the task. Company which work on confusing payment system is not good. And you should not work on such company also.
  2. PayPal Fee: all the reward system works on this site have different points which imperative to cash out the system. In PayPal, 2500 pts is taken as fee of cashing out. It is huge because if you want to cash out 55000 then 25000 is going to get cut.


Earn.gg is not a scam site. But we do not find great or ordinary reason to work on this site. The site is legitimate. This site is Not Recommended by us. In the end the decision to work on this site or not is totally yours. We do not have provided the unbiased review, which you can consider to make your own decision. You can find different sites in our “Trusted and Legit” Work section that is going to help you to earn money online.

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If got any problem regarding the Earn.gg please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.