What is Earninghabit.com? Is Earninghabit Scam?

What is Earninghabit.com? Is Earninghabit Scam?

Earninghabit.com is a site which allows you to earn money online as it says on their website. All it needs you to do is to sign up and register with them online for you to start. Right now if you’re reading this, we can only guess of one reason why you’re here. That you want to earn money by sitting in the comfort of your home and working on your laptop, but the offer seems too good to be true so you’re seeing if it’s worth your time. You have come to the right place. It is a definitely scam website and I will provide you information about why it is. If you haven’t already signed up, don’t! We are happy to assist you. you made a great choice by coming here to look for the answers to your query.

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Why Earninghabit is a scam site?

Earninghabit is a scam website which claims to offer its users money by asking them to complete surveys. There are no other tasks which are mentioned but just this, and honestly it is nothing but a waste of time. For eg: There are examples when they say that you will get $5-10 credited into your online account if you send referral link to your friends to join Earninghabit.com and earn money off their referrals. However that’s just a mistake because they are doing free marketing and in no way are they going to pay you the money that they promised.

They do not have an anti spamming policy. They will use the information that you have used to sign up with and use the information that your friends are giving to sign them up with, and sell it to other companies or keep it with themselves to spam you further.They claim that they will pay you money through PayPal and other bank transfers but do not believe them when they say that because the money will never get credited to your account. All that they do is use cookies off your computer to figure out more of your data. They say things like you can earn $300 based solely on your efforts, that’s just a cheap way to attract more people to their website as you will send referrals and ask more people to join them.

Whenever you take a survey through them, you’re giving out more of your information. They will never pay you, they’re just using you to make more money for their own selves. Another proof of this is because they just don’t respond to your emails when you email them. They also do not use https, https is a server request which protects their clients when they ask for personal information. Hence, you know that your information might get leaked to dangerous people if you decide to still go through with it and keep working for them.

Also there is no way to delete your account. This means that if you have created an account, that information of yours that you have dispensed, will never leave their site or will never be cleared. The reason that these websites exist is because more and more people stumble across them every day as they’re looking for easy ways to earn money and they are new users hence they do not know that it is a scam website. All that testimonials about them paying their users is fake, the sole reason that they even use this information to publish it for everyone who signs up is enough is how them that earninghabits.com is a scam website.


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