What is Earninvite.com? Is Earninvite Scam?

What is Earninvite.com? Is Earninvite Scam?

If you are reading this article then it means that you are finding a way to earn money online. Your search has leads you to Earninvite.com and you must be wonder about it. Some general questions that came to the mind of readers are like, is the Earninvite Scam? Or is Earninvite Real? Or is Earninvite Fake? Or is Earninvite Legit? The website or company in which money is involved, you should ask as much as questions you can. It is because unethical people, scam innocent person via scam website. They offer very profitable schemes to them and use their time. The company cheats people by not paying the money to them. If you are not interested in reading full Earninvite review, then Earninvite is a scam website. It is cheating people. They are not going to pay anybody. We can say that because there are many similar sites like Earninvite already listed on our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list.  It means that people involved in other scam websites are also behind Earninvite website.

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What is Earninvite.com Is Earninvite Scam or Legit Is Earninvite Real or Fake Earninvite Review, Earninvite

How Earninvite works?

The Earninvite is a scam site which claims that ‘you can earn $100 per week for only completing simple tasks of 5-10 minutes’. The tasks are to promote your referral link on other sites, forums, blog and so on. When someone will click on this link then you will earn $10 per click. To cash out your amount, a member has to surpass the minimum payout limit. It is the limit which marks the threshold amount. After, reaching the threshold amount, a member can request for payment. The company replies back that your request is in progress. It remains in progress for more than a month. Member complains about non-payment. The companies message back. They told the member, to upgrade the process pay an up-gradation charge or complete some paid surveys. Some people complete the surveys also. After completing the surveys again member request. The company did not reply back this time. The company does not pay to the member. They had used the member completely. The company does not need them further.

If we assume that company is genuine. They are paying as per their claims. The company has a very unsustainable business model. They are going to collapse in few days. But websites like Earninvite never collapsed in their history. It is for the reason that Earninvite never paid to its members. They are cheating everybody. They are using their time and resources for generating revenue for them only.

The company is not genuine. They have zero transparency. The information of owner is not provided on the website. The name or any kind of details about the personals were also not mentioned. It is not possible that company works without owner or people. Earninvite guarded their information in WHOIS records. Generally, scammers involved in earlier scam website guard their information. It simply means that Earninvite has the feature of scam website. People operating this website, intentionally hide their identity. They do not want to leave any trails behind them.

The scammers are villainous. They intelligently ask people to share their information. The information they ask is personal as well as financial. Company accumulates all the data of its members. They turn data into big data. The company sells big data to some anonymous third party. It will be advisable that do not share your information with websites that do not share their own identity. Never share your financial details. Scammers and hackers take the advantage of people financial information. They hack people financial account and steal their money.

The Earninvite is not a unique website. On the internet similar websites like Earnvite is available. Every website like it, also listed on our Avoid Scam list. It implies people operating other scam websites are the one that is running this website.


Earninvite is a scam website. They are 100% not genuine. Their authenticity is zero. They are cheating people. They are using people time and resources for their own gain. Avoid this website in the beginning. Beware of such websites. Beware others also about scam websites. Do not rush to earn money online. There are no shortcuts. If you find a shortcut then it will not be legitimate.

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If you have any doubt about Earninvite website please mention that in our comment section. We will be pleased to help you.