Whether Earnsainity is safe GPT site or not? Earnsainity Review

Whether Earnsainity is safe GPT site or not? Earnsainity Review

In the era of globalization people are running towards the way to earn ease money. There are various GPT (get to paid) sites all over the internet which allows people to earn passive income.

Recently we came across a GPT site known as Earnsainity which is working as get to paid site. In this article we will provide honest review about Earnsainity. We will discuss all the major points and uncover whether Earnsainity is legit or another scam played by the scammers.

Whether Earnsainity is safe GPT site or not? Earnsainity Review

What is Earnsainity?

Earnsainity is a worldwide GPT site which was developed in 2018. The company allows its members to earn money by accomplishing easy and simple tasks and collect rewards which are basically virtual currency namely Gem.

The moment members accumulate maximum Gems they can request for redemption which can be exchanged via PayPal, Crypto currencies and Gift cards.

According to the operators the Earnsainity GPT site has succumbed approximate 70000 people globally and with the consumption of time this GPT site is gaining fame.

Basically Earnsainity is working in a legit way. But working with Earnsainity GPT site requires members to be aware of the situations.

Instead of its rating i.e. 4.5 out 5 stars, people are still not satisfied with the payments as many members have complained that Earnsainity GPT sites does not pay its members.

How Earnsainity does tend to work?

As mentioned above Earnsainity GPT site is available for the people residing globally and hence the joining is completely free.

In order to become one of the members of Earnsainity you will be required to sign up using Google account and the procedure is very simple and easy.

The company has not provided any other option for registration except Google. So it’s a must to have a Google id in order to register you as a member of Earnsainity.

Hence it is advisable to go through all the terms and conditions mentioned by the company. For instance the company Earnsainity has restricted the usage of VPN or Proxy in order to trick to create various accounts run by similar person.

Earnsainity is in collaboration with various offer walls for example PeanutLabs, KiwiWall, AdGateMedia, Offer Toro, etc.

These mentioned offer walls flourish members with different offers or tasks which can be conquered to earn Gems. Once you accumulate enough Gems the members can request for payment.

Some of the offers include:

  • Signing up for free trials.
  • Playing games.
  • Watching ads and videos.
  • Downloading applications.
  • Participating in quizzes.
  • Taking surveys.
  • Depositing initial amount in online casinos.

Completing online surveys:

Whenever the thought of earning money through online surveys struck your mind then you should expect to earn about 20000 Gems and not more than that which equals to $2. Usually the survey time varies from 10 – 15 minutes and most of the surveys fetch you less than $1.

The catch with the surveys lies that it’s quite difficult to pass the qualification. Hence you will end in wasting your time by submitting your details and other questions repeatedly to find an ideal survey which qualifies you. Over this the offer walls don’t even pay the members for their time that they invested in qualifying a test.

Taking Offers:

Based on observation majority of the times it is not possible to earn pretty much through offers. Hence you should not buck your expectations too high.

Though there are casino offers which pays pretty and you can expect to fetch $12 but such offers require an initial deposit of $10. Hence we do not refer such deposit offer to our readers until and unless you have used the site for a long time.

It is advisable to read the provided terms and instructions carefully so that you do not miss any of the points which obstruct your triumph. For instance some mobile gaming applications request their members to goal a specified level in order to earn.

While there are various offers on offer walls which require their members to submit contact info and email address for making them participate in prize draws. This way many companies will contact you for marketing research studies.


Mentioned above that Earnsainity provide their members Gems for completing tasks. Thereafter the members accomplish a certain amount of Gems then they are all set for placing a request for payment. The company has provided diverse payment methods for the variety of members. Hence each of the method carries its own criteria.

  • The most reliable source of payment i.e. PayPal requires members to accumulate at least 10,000 Gems which equals to $1.
  • The Kinguin Gift card requires the members to accumulate at least 50,000 Gems which equals to $5.
  • The members are required accumulate 25,000 Gems in order to get Amazon Gift card.
  • Members need to accumulate 10,000 Gems which equals to $1 for getting OPskins.
  • If members wish to redeem their payments in exchange of crypto currency then they need to accumulate 25,000 Gems.

The company Earnsainity will take nearby 24 hours in order to process your payments request and thereafter approve it.

The company claims that if your request does not process within 24 hours then you can freely contact with the support team.


  • The Earnsainity GPT site is available for the people residing all over the world.
  • The company has flourished members with various payment methods. Thus members can select the most suitable option according to their requirements.
  • Earnsainity has set the balanced threshold limit i.e. $1.
  • The joining is quite simple and quick.
  • The mentioned offer wall contains various offers which can be fully utilized.


  • The available surveys are quite less due to the collaboration with few marketing research companies.
  • The income potential is quite low.
  • There are many complaints of not receiving payments i.e. many people were not credited with Gems even after completing offers.


In our final verdict we conclude that Earnsainity is legit and working on the track but as a result of foggy motives and results which blur our vision of working with GPT site like Earnsainity.

Precisely it’s quite impressive that the minimum threshold limit set by Earnsainity is low i.e. $1 in comparison to other GPT sites.

Instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend Earnsainity to our readers because of their fewer partnerships with the third part companies which in turn provide fewer opportunities.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.