EarnVenture.com Review: Is Earn Venture Scam or Legit?

Hello folks, you have arrived at the right destination to get the right answer to all those questions that might trouble you regarding EarnVenture.com site.

In this Earn Venture Review, we are going to answer some of the most general questions like, is EarnVenture Scam? Or is EarnVenture Legit?

Before starting our review, we appreciate your effort to do your own research before indulging in any activity with any site that does not look good.

This is the best way to make yourself save from getting scam. Also, you will understand the modus operandi of scammers.

You might have seen many sites which allow you to play games, watch videos, ads and earn money doing all these things. Among those sites there are many sites working that does not help you to earn money but they want to scam you.

If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can simplify your job. Earn Venture is a not a site which you should join. We do Not Recommend this site. There are many red flags we found about it and we are going to discuss those in our article below. To get the better understanding please read the whole article.

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EarnVenture.com Review Is Earn Venture Scam or Legit

What is EarnVenture? Why we do not recommend it?

Basically, Earn Venture is the site where one can earn by watching videos with ads. In reality, they are just fooling you. The reason we do not recommend it are: https://onlineincomeresources.com/not-recommended

First, owner information is not available on the site. It means we do not know who is operating it. Lack of transparency and hiding information is the feature of the scam site. We never recommend those sites that do not provide transparency.

By knowing the information of the owner, it proves that this site is run by some real person and not by scammers. But Earn Venture has not provided anything about their owner. They also hid their information in the WHOIS records which is also one of the features of the scam sites. Since they know they are cheating people and they do not want to get caught. So they do not provide their identity.

Second, the idea to get sign up by using your Google account is not good with such kind of website. It is because in this way they will access your personal information which is not good at the present time.

Many scammers around the world try to hack the big company site to steal the data and then they demand ransom in order to provide back the information.

Information in present digital time is the new currency. You should never provide your information to any other site. Such sites use your information to sell it to the third party which is anonymous.

They your information without your knowledge and with their discretion. Since they are not right people so it is possible that they can use your information to cover their identity from the rightful authority. Anything can happen, therefore, it is always advisable not to share your information without knowing about the site.

Third, the money you will earn on this site and effort you put to earn that money is not worthy. Watching 3 videos on this site will award you 7 credits and each ad shown on the video is around 1 minute. In order to receive your money, you have to cross the minimum cash out limit which is 4500 credits.

It is because 4500 credits are equals to 4 pounds. It means you have to waste your 1500 minutes to watch the videos for 4 pounds. Now you can on your own think, is it worthy or not.

If the same amount of time you put on other activity which you know better than we believe that you will earn good money and better than this.


We do Not Recommend Earn Venture. It is not a good site to earn money. There are many options available on the internet. Do not fall prey to lucrative offers. Keep a distance from this because in a short period of time might turn into a scam site. Beware of such scam sites and also aware people in your social circle about them by spreading the news.

If you have any doubt regarding the EarnVenture please mention it in our comment box. We will be glad and it will our pleasure to help you.

One Comment

  1. Hi there! My name is Heart and I am an Admin on Earnventure!
    I just wanted to help clear up a few things to hopefully put everyone at ease!

    You mentioned the site owner is not known. That is, however, untrue. The owner is named Ant and he makes this very clear to anyone who asks. He even has it listed on his Twitter account and is regularly in chat to greet users and answer questions.

    Second, you only mention videos as a source of earning. What you did not mention is that we have high paying surveys and mobile offers as well. You can also watch up to 3 videos at a time on up to 3 different devices. This can earn you several dollars a day (depending on your location). We have regular users who earn $20 or more on a daily basis with minimal effort.

    Third, we have 24/7 chat support. We ALWAYS have a mod in chat to address any issues that arise, and we have supports and admins in chat as well. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

    I would be more than happy to address any concerns anyone has regarding Earnventure. We have passionate users and staff, and we treat everyone like family. I truly love this site and would suggest it to others as well. Thank you for your time!

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