What is Earny.co? Is Earny Scam or Legit?

Are you interested in Earny.co website or App? You must be. It is a good place where you can earn money in a unique way. In our Earny App review, we will provide you its information and answers to some general questions. Whether Earny App is Scam or Legit? Whether Earny App is Real or Fake? How do you feel when the price of any item you bought falls after one week? You will not feel good. You may be feels cheated by the shopping company. To solve this problem Earny App is developed. How will you feel if you get the money back that fall after your purchase? This will be cool, isn’t it? Earny App is developed to make you happy by receiving your money back. If you are not interested in knowing about Earny App details, then we can provide you the crux. It is genuine app and website. It will work for you as your assistance. It will get you money back on almost every item you buy. It finds automatically the better prices on items you have bought. It gets you back the difference.

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What is Earny.co Is Earny Scam or Legit Is Earny Real or Fake Earny Review, Earny

How does Earny app work?

It is very interesting app. It amused us when we came to know about it. It basically works as your assistance to get your money back. Many credit card issuers and major stores offer ‘price protection policy’. Earny app takes the advantage of this price protection policy. Credit card issuers offer price protection policies up to 120 days (the number of days can vary, depend upon a credit card company policy) on your purchase. It means that you are covered by your credit card, in case of price fall on the item you have purchased. To avail the benefit of the credit card price protection policies, you have to add your card to the ‘Credit Card Protection’.

The Earny save your time and energy, which you have to spend on searching for better prices on items and filing claims or emailing the concerned authority. The paperwork is enough in itself to make you tired and give up the claims. Earny is basically a personal assistant that will do the job for you. Earny collects the electronic receipts or e-receipts from your inbox. After finding out what you have purchased, it continuously monitors those prices everywhere else online. If it finds a better price then it goes to its work automatically. It claims the difference on your behalf.

Earny tracks the item from various online retailers or other major stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Carter’s, Costco, the Gap Group and etc. If you want Earny to get your money back automatically past registration, without sending it receipt every time, then you have to provide your email login to Earny. It will get a copy of our receipts. It will find out price drops on those purchases and claim the difference.

The Concern

The only concerned thing with Earny app working is that you have to allow it the log-in of your email id and also of Amazon. To avail the benefits of Earny, it is imperative to provide it our information. Here, is where many people do not feel comfortable. When you sign up with Earny first time, you give it permission to collect specific receipts from your mailbox. You have to allow it with your Amazon shopping. Yes, the only issue people find out with the sharing log-in information. But the company is genuine it makes sure about your security issues. You can also use different mail for shopping. It is not compulsory to provide your main email id. You have to provide that mail-id which receives your receipts.

Earning of Earny

Earny is a free app to join. You must be curious to know how Earny is earning. It takes zero money from you until it gets you the first cash back. The app charge 25% commission on the money it gets you back. For example, you buy a laptop $1500 and in next week its price fall to $1300 under any kind of sale. Earny brings you back the $200 from the company, under your credit card price protection policy. It charges the 25% commission on $200.

Referrals a way to earn

In the Earny app, you can earn via making referrals. Referrals are used by every website to promote it and increase traffic for them. They are offering you the 5% commission on the refunds of your friend and +5% on their referral’s refund. It is good commission rate and you can earn well.


We did not find out any kind of complaints against the Earny app. They are paying and have good and unique business model. We have found payments proof from the people. In their App review on Google Play, you find out they are constantly answering the feedbacks. It means the company is genuine because they are concern about to improve their app.


Earny App is a promising app and website. Its offers are unique and genuine. If you frequently shop online then it will be a great app for you. It makes you hassle free of all the paperwork. It charges 25% but it is genuine because you save your time and energy which is more valuable than 25%. Many times people forget to claim due to many factors. It will great to have 75% cash back than zero.

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If you have any doubt and questions regarding Earny App, please share it with us. We are working to help and solve your questions.

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