EasyShift App Review: Is EasyShift App Scam or Legit?

EasyShift App Review: Is EasyShift App Scam or Legit?

In the recent past, we have reviewed many Smartphone apps which provide cash back or guaranteed rebates. These are the new ways of attracting actual and potential customers towards the company.   Previously I came across an app named EasyShift which pays you to do simple tasks like dine at a restaurant, do shopping at stores and some more tasks which are required by the company to pay you.  If you are lacking time out of your hand, then we conclude that though this app is legit and safe but after keeping your requirements in mind we do not recommend it to you. Reasons for its not recommendation are listed in the following paragraphs.

What is EasyShift?

EasyShift App Review Is EasyShift App Scam or Legit

EasyShift was created by Quri, Inc. The app can be downloaded from the website: www.easyshiftapp.com. The company provides you with some small and simple tasks which are called shifts and you will be paid by the company when you complete these shifts in the prescribed time. The certain time limit allotted is known as reservation period.  There are various tasks given by the company like visiting a local store etc. For an example you might be asked to shop in a local store and you may even be asked to take a photo of the product with a price tag. You might even be given a task to go to near restaurant and the amazing thing is that you will be paid for eating. Precisely, you don’t have to think twice about the stores not being nearby you because the app basically shows the shifts which are available in your nearby your location.

How does EasyShift app works?

  • Download the app = Firstly you can download the app from the website or from your mobile app store. The app can be downloaded for both IOS and Android. After that you can easily you can sign up.
  • Provide location = After getting sign up you need to provide the app with your current location so that you can get the list of the jobs located near you. The details related to how much the job will fetch you, what exactly you need to do, where the job is exactly located, etc will be depicted next to the job.
  • Complete the task or shifts = After receiving the list of jobs, you can select the task you want to do first. After you select the job you will be devoted just 24 hours to complete it. You will have to go to the location; it may be a shop, store or a restaurant and follow the instructions given by the app.
  • Earning credit =The app claims to credit your account within 48 hours after you submit your completed task and it is approved.

How much money can you make with EasyShift?

The number of listed jobs will pay you between $2 to $5 but you can probably earn $20 for more difficult tasks. Once you complete the chosen task and it is approved by the EasyShift, your ES account will be credited within 48 hours. But basically your earnings will depend on the area you live in and the shifts you are available with.

How you will be paid?

The time you complete your given task and it been approved by the ES then your account will be credited. For payout you must have an active PayPal account. It will take 48 hours for your requested payment to reach your PayPal account.  The app does not restrict the minimum payout limit. Hence, you don’t have to wait for so long to reach your minimum withdrawal amount.

EasyShift app complains?

  • Low income potential = The amount that company pays for the shifts or the jobs is low. By relying completely on this you will not become a richer or won’t be able to pay back your high amounted loan. You will even end up losing a lot of your money if you have to drive all the way to complete a job.
  • Worst Customer Services = A lot of customers showed their aggressiveness that the customer support is very poor.
  • Less Opportunities = If you don’t live round about the city then you won’t be able to grab many jobs. In order to get jobs consistently you need to live in the city or nearby it.
  • Better Business Bureau Ratings = In BBB ratings EasyShift app has C ratings.

Is EasyShift scam or legit?

Surprisingly, this app is completely legit. You will definitely not become a tycoon but you will fetch at least your pocket money.

Worst customer services and complaints of users not been paid. The how can it be worthy of working? Due to above mentioned reasons we do not recommend EasyShift app to all our readers. If you wish of becoming one of its members then it’s a big no! the time and money you invest in this app with hope of been paid then all your desires and hopes will be shattered.

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