Thinking of earning passive income? EasyShift Review

In this era of development earning online money has become one of the easiest tasks. People are joining and registering surveys, offers, tasks, trial offers and playing games in order to earn money online. This reason is behind that people are curious in finding more laying online opportunities to earn easy online money.

We recently came across an application which fulfills both the purposes of people i.e. earning online money and secondly people can work according to their requirements and wishes. EasyShift is an application which allows people to earn online money by shopping in local stores.

The curiosity and the doubt arise whether EasyShift is an legit and trustworthy application or just another trick played by scammers.

Thinking of earning passive income? EasyShift Review

What is EasyShift?

This exclusive application EasyShift helps people to earn passive income by completing mystery tasks during shopping. The tasks consist of investigating prices and promotions, providing feedback on shopping experience and customer support and clicking the pictures of the products displayed at the stores nearby you.

This way customers shopping experience will improve and retailers will get acknowledge about more enhancement they can bring in their customer service.

For providing valuable feedback and time invested members of EasyShift will be paid though the most reliable source of payment i.e. PayPal.

EasyShift is run by a mother company namely Quri and therefore their tasks are available only for the people residing in UK and US. EasyShift was developed in 2009 which automatically prove their legitimacy otherwise they wouldn’t have worked for so long.

How EasyShift does tend to work?

The application EasyShift is available for users of both the versions Android and iOS. Firstly you will need to install the application for Google Play Store or App Store. Once the app is downloaded you can register using email address, username and PayPal address. Though the application can be downloaded by any of the person residing any of the place globally but the opportunities will be available only to the people residing in US and UK.

Even you cannot trick the application as the company will ask you to give them an access to your current location.

Thereafter you are completely set to go in search of shifts in order to earn money. Whenever you will open the application you will see a map indicating all the available tasks called shifts in your local store.

You should be aware of the fact that green pop on the map indicates the  available shifts while on the other hand grey pops resemble the expired shifts which are no longer in work.

Then choose the ones which are quite close to your location and start with it. It is advisable to glimpse the provided instructions and terms for each of the selected shifts. The company even provides you a video which trains you about your selected shift and explains the procedure of the working which basically eases your work.

The moment you are encouraged by taking a shift you can simply tap on the “Reserve Shift”. Then read all the terms and conditions carefully and visit the store for completing the tasks.

Though the majority of the available shifts on EasyShift app are location based i.e. you are required to visit the store in order to conquer the task while luckily you can also find some shifts which can be done from the convenience of your home. Such home based shifts will reach you to some points and get you into some lotteries.

Mostly shifts take less than 15 minutes which actually does not include the time invested in glimpsing the terms and reaching the location.


  • The company pays its members through PayPal.
  • You will receive promotions after certain level.
  • There is abundance of shifts available for the people residing in US and UK.


  • The company is only available in UK and US. Hence people in other countries cannot grab such an amazing opportunity.
  • The income potential is quite low.
  • Mostly people are annoyed of getting disqualified every time they select for shifts.
  • Some people are confused with the instructions provided because members complain that instructions are not clear.
  • Members complain that pictures don’t get uploaded due to technical defects.

Ways of earning money:

Though the money you fetch depends totally on insolubility of tasks or shifts you select but mostly shifts fetch you from $6 – $10. Some of the shifts are explained below:

  • Walmart (US): This shift include members to click pictures of toilet paper, disposable plates and paper towels which will fetch you US $8 + US $0.50 per display.
  • Sansbury’s Local (UK): This shift includes members to capture picture of OTC, beauty products, baby care, female products, and mouthwash. This fetch you £6 – £50 per display.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond (US): This shift includes members to snap pictures of walkway with coffeE makers, coffee, instant coffee or tea. This fetch you US $8 + US $0.25.

Depending on your location you can be flourished with abundance of opportunities on your way.

The moment you conquer a shift the company will fetch you points for your hard work and with time you will move rank up rank.

The more rank you step up the more shifts you can glimpse on your map which is the best perk provided by the EasyShift. With the help of this benefit the members can complete multiple shifts in each day.

At an initial time when you will be the beginner on the rank of “rookie” which allows members to conquer one shift on each day.

While the 10th rank which is known as “general manager” which will extend the shifts of each day up to 10.

Defer the rejections in your way:

Many people are annoyed by their rejections in the experience with EasyShift. While people can take precautions in order to avoid rejections. Some of the examples are given below:

  • Read all the instructions and terms carefully even for starting your shift.
  • Make sure that your snapped photo matches the description.
  • Click perfect pictures.
  • Reach the correct locations for completing the shifts.

You should also read the FAQ section which explains various reasons for rejections. Make sure you complete the task perfectly so that you don’t even get rejected for a smallest mistake.


At our final verdict we conclude that EasyShift is a legit and trustworthy application as they are working since 2009.

Though the opportunity is quite amazing but it is very much complex as you have to be aware of not being rejected.

In comparison to the efforts and time involved members do not get pay accordingly which annoys them to a great limit.

The application is absolutely legit but due to rejection faced by people we do not recommend it to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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