What is Ebooki.cc? Is Ebooki Scam or legit?

Are you searching to know about the Ebooki.cc website? You are reading the right article to get all the information you need. This Ebooki review will be the answers to all your queries. We will also tackle some general problems like, is Ebooki Scam? Or is Ebooki Legit? Or is Ebooki Real? Or is Ebooki Fake? Reading is a good habit that should be inculcated in every individual. The increasing rate of literacy in the world also increases the number of book readers, which is great. There are many websites available on the internet that offers you the unlimited access to their online library to read the books or download them. But their service is not free, they charge some amount. If you are not interested in reading the article we can haircut it for you. Ebooki is a scam website. Its working is totally fraudulent. This is not a genuine website, therefore, avoid it in the beginning and do not share your information with them (any kind of information).

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What is Ebooki.cc Is Ebooki Scam or Legit Is Ebooki Real or Fake Ebooki Review, Ebooki

How does Ebooki work?

Ebooki is one of those websites that offer people to read the books on their website or download the books. When you enter the website, they will need your credit card details. It is because after the free period they will charge the fees for using their services. The company will charge $1 for to verify your account. It looks fine because many websites do this. The problem is that this company working is suspicious.

The company is doing everything to know about you. They want your information both personal as well as financial. The company asks for your email account and while registering you need to provide your personal information. The next step is to provide your credit card details to them. Yes, they charge $1 for verifying your card. It means the company knows the importance of authentic information. They want that people with whom they are dealing should be a real one.

The same logic applies back to the website also. There is no information available on their official website about the person who owns this company. They did not mention any name or detail of any real person. It means on one side they want us to provide them our credit details and on the other side, they hide their information.

We tried to find out the information about the owner in WHOIS records. But we failed. It is because they guarded their information in WHOIS records. This is the most common characteristic of the scam website to guard their information. It is because they do not want to leave any trials. Since they are cheating the people, therefore, they do not want to reveal their identity which gets them caught.

The other problem with this website is that when you order the books the amount will be debit from your credit card. Still, you will not receive your books. It is because they are not selling the books they are cheating the people. This risk of not receiving the book is very high on this website.

The company uses people information to bundle them and turn them into a high volume data. The high volume data are also known as big data is very prevalent in the present digital world. It is because the information allows the companies in many ways. For instance, to understand the general pattern or behavior of the consumer companies use the big data. The Ebooki website uses their data to sell them to the third party, without the consent of the members. The third party is always anonymous. This is not the ethical way of working of any company or website.

There are very high chances that your credit card details will be leaked to someone anonymous from them. The theft on financial account on the internet is not very old. People do that with the help of people financial details. It becomes very easy to steal money online by sending viruses or malware to somebody account. Therefore, do not share any information, especially the credit card details.

This makes the owner information most important to have some trust on the company. The money is involved on this website, therefore the hiding of owner information mark it suspicious and fishy about the company work.


Ebooki website is a scam and fraudulent website. They are not working genuinely, the reasons are already explained in above article. If you make any purchase on this website you will not receive your articles. Therefore, it is futile to use this website to read books or buy them. There are many online genuine websites already working that also provide reading services.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Ebooki website, share it with us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.


  1. the books that are displayed on their website are 20 in number and I downloaded two of them. Both were Project Gutenberg books, which are free to download for everybody. and they are charging to download free eBooks.

  2. They keep taking $ off my prepaid visa card!! How can I get it back? Can I sue!!!! I am in tears ,they took my grocery money!!!


  4. Can you please refund my money as I did not registered. Am very upset and want it refunded ASAP.

    I did not sign up, can you do it ASAP.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi my name kierra Allen can you refund me my money back thsnks

  6. Hi my name is Kim rain Allen can you please refund me my money need to for my rental car for my graduation please please it’s on the 12th of May

  7. I need them to stop taking money out my account i didnt even apply for it my name is Elizabeth Phillips i need my money for bus fares and get to school

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