Ecom Profit Sniper Review, Is Ecom Profit Sniper Scam?

If you are searching Ecom Profit Sniper reviews on the web then this article will definitely stop your search here. We are writing a full review of Ecom Profit Sniper below in our article. Before start work with Ecom Profit Sniper, you will surely ask some questions on your mind related Ecom product like, Is Ecom Profit Sniper Scam or Legit? Or Is Ecom Profit Sniper Real or Fake? Or can you make $44K/month from Ecom Profit Sniper? The Ecom Product is making money through E-commerce website another name you can say drop shipping. Ecom Profit Sniper is claiming that you can earn $44K per month from your home without doing any hard work. We all want to earn extra money without doing so much effort to full fill our dreams. Due to this reason, there are lots of fake programs and software is available in the market which claims to help people make money in a very easy way but in reality, they are taking money from those people who need it. If you don’t want to read our full Ecom Profit Sniper review then in the short, we do Not Recommend Ecom Profit Sniper. Reason for not recommending this website is given below in our article. We have added Ecom Profit in our not recommend section.

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What is Ecom Profit Is Ecom Profit Snipers Scam or Legit Is Ecom Profit Snipers Real or Fake Ecom Profit Snipers Review, Ecom Profit Snipers

What is Ecom Profit Sniper?

The sales video of Ecom Profit Sniper which they are providing on their website makes their systems very attractive. Ecom Profit Sniper claims that you can make $44K per month from this product while you need to work only 20 minutes in a day. This is very attractive and easy for all those busy people which want to make money in very short time. But the question is, can you really build your own business only working 20 minutes in a day? According to Ecom Profit sales video, you can do it, but in actual, this is not easy to build a business in this short period. Ecom Profit Sniper provides you some instruction or guidelines (a course) to make money online with your own online store using Shopify. Shopify is an E-commerce website or hosting service where you can build your own online store on it.

Shopify just provides a hosting platform for your e-store. So if you build a store on there, you still need people which can see your online store and can buy from it. If Shopify is making $151.7 million in the starting 6 months of the year 2017 that’s does not mean their all members are doing same. Shopify makes this money because they have a great platform, millions of people are connected with them through their hosting service and people pay them for their hosting service. If you are thinking that you can make money which Tom Parker is providing on their Sales video then we want to tell you that Tom Parker is providing misleading information on their sales video. You cannot make $44K on your own e-store which is hosted on Shopify. These numbers sound good in their sales video but in reality, this is not possible.

It is possible to make thousands of dollars from an e-store but in the case of Ecam Profit Sniper, it is not going to possible. We are providing the working process of Ecom Profit Sniper in below our article.

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How does Ecom Profit Sniper work?

Here we are going to discuss that what is inside of Ecom Profit sniper?

When you will buy Ecom Profit Sniper system then they will teach you how to build your e-commerce online store with using drop shipping. In drop shipping, you need an online store to sell products; products can be your store products or may not. You can sell that product which is not available in your store. But you will receive the customer order and 3rd party will handle all of that like, shipping, handling, delivery or etc. Because you are the shop owner so you will responsible for all customer service and relationship with your customer. Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform and most people know about it. If someone is very new on this market and searching on the internet about online store then he would defiantly come across Shopify.

After purchasing Ecom Profit Sniper in $37, you can access to their member’s area. There are total 4 modules and one resources page is available on their platform. Other than this, they have no extra tools, no support and none community on it.

Module 1st is for an introduction. In this module, you’ll find out how to put your personal Shopify account on Shopify store. Also will learn basic of basic about drop shipping. They will provide this information into different lessons which may be 2 to 6.

When you will complete your 1st module then in the 2nd module you need to select your niche and any perfect product which you are going to sell on your site. In this module, there are two lessons are available one is product finding and second is Category selection slide. Product selection is a very important part of drop shipping. Commonly, it takes lots of time and efforts before making any profit. And once you will find your winning product then you can start your profit.

In the case of Ecom Profit Sniper, they are providing very basic training on their course which is freely available on the internet. You can find much better them into the internet. Then why should anyone need to pay $37 just for these basic lessons?  This is the reason we do not recommend this product.

In the 3rd Module, after completing your two modules you need to import your chosen product in your store. This is the time where you need to know how to use Oberlo and Aliexpress. You will learn that how to add your products or collections in your store.

Final and 4th Module, Facebook is the main part of this module. After completing all above steps, now you need to get traffic at your store and facebook is the best platform for this. Ecom profit suggests you make a facebook page, facebook post or facebook pixel on their lessons. Basically, Ecom profit training teaches you that how to set your Facebook page for drop shipping. They did not mention about facebook ads payment. It is impossible to make $44K in one month just using free traffic from facebook. If you want to make the profit very fast then you need to paid traffic from facebook.

There are 4 resources are available to download on their Template page, but this is useless to download these resources, the resources which they are providing are given below;

  1. Download your discount code pdf
  2. Download your image ideas
  3. Download your remove link info
  4. Download your text Templates

What is good in Ecom profit sniper?

If you are a beginner in drop shipping then their training is helpful for you. Because they are providing very basic information in their training which is very helpful for beginners. But it is not easy to make money only just through their training. Other than this, there is nothing good in Ecom profit sniper.

There are 60 days refundable policy in Ecom profit sniper, this is really good in Ecom profit. But this is because; this product was sold via Clickbank. And sometimes Clickbank takes more time to refund your money until you did not give them a solid reason.

What is bad in Ecom profit sniper?

They have an unknown founder, they are using Tom parker name to promote their product but they did not show tom parker face on their Sales video. There are many click bank products are available which use different characters for their sales video and the owner just hide behind their laptop. They used a stock image to act like owner but this is not the real owner.

They are showing a fake profit, which is $44K in one month. If you know very little about drop shipping still you can easily understand that it is not a profit, it is just revenue. Ecom profit sniper does not teach that how to generate traffic on your store? They said that make your Facebook page or post and generate traffic from them. They did not talk about Facebook paid ads. That’s why we told you that it is not easy to make money from this product. Without traffic, it is not possible.

You need to pay $37 to start your business, but this is not the final investment in this product. There are many other costs are involved in it whom they did not mention.

Whatever they are providing on their training (basic drop shipping training), is totally free available on the internet. In the internet many new or success drop shippers are available which shares these videos in free. You can find that videos by searching on google.


We do Not Recommend Ecom profit sniper. There are lots of misleading information are available on Ecom profit sales video, if they are doing a legit work then they shouldn’t need to give this fake information. That’s the reason; we are not recommending this product. We are not saying this is a scam but also not recommending them. They are also providing a fake result on their sales video.

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If you have any question related to Ecom Profit Sniper then please drop a comment in our comment box. We will happy to help you.

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