What is Etalon-trade.com? Is Etalon-trade Scam?

What is Etalon-trade.com? Is Etalon-trade Scam?

If you are searching the web to know about ‘Etalon-trade.com’, then we are going to put an end on your search. In this Etalon-trade review we are going to discuss various questions like is Etalon-trade Scam? Or is Etalon-trade Legit? Or is Etalon-trade Real? Or is Etalon-trade Fake? There are many websites available on internet giving high returns by investing in their investment plans. These are called HYIP sites (High Yield Investment Program) and work on the phenomenon of ponzi scheme. If you do not want to read full review then we can abridge your reading labour. Etalon-trade is Not Recommended by us, due to its working on ponzi scheme phenomenon. In ponzi scheme is illegal and under it company pay to its existing members from the money invested by the new members. It is not viable for any kind of business entity to sustain for long. If any business is not going to sustain for long then there is no use of investing in such companies.

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What is Etalon-trade.com Is Etalon-trade Scam or Legit Is Etalon-trade Real or Fake Etalon-trade Review Etalon-trade

How does Etalon-trade work?

Investment Company credibility is depends on the trust it has gain from the people. The trust is gained through providing transparency. The transparency is shown by providing the information. The Etalon-trade Company does not believe in sharing of information. The website does not provide any kind of information that tell about the owner or any personal working on this website. They hide their information in WHOIS records also. They are hiding themselves because they do not want to get caught. It is because company working on ponzi scheme phenomenon soon run away with public money.

The company has shown its authenticity by providing UK Companies registration certificate.  The company is registered in UK Companies under the name: ELATON TRADE LIMITED and company number: 10993740. The certificate is original and we do not doubt about it. But what we concern here is that various website listed in our Not Recommend list also got certificate from UK Companies and many of them turned into scam website. During our research we found out that getting registration in UK Companies can be done by paying just 20GBP. So UK Companies registration is not solid proof for an investment company.

The company has very profitable investment plans which are providing 145% interest after one day up to 3000% interest after 50days. This is how ponzi scheme people works, they lure people to attract them via high profitable returns. When company accumulates great money from public then they shut off their website and run away with people money. Think yourself if they have such a solid plan to earn 3000% profit then  why they are asking others to make investment. They can easily take loan from banks or someone else on high interest which they can easily pay after first day itself. They will not going to take money from organized sector because there they have to submit their identity to them and on the internet they can hide easily. Since, they are not legit and that is why they are not taking money from organized sector. Investment in such company is futile. Greed of human being has never ended in bliss it always ends in regret and always going to be. So be wise and do not fall on lucrative offers.

The affiliate programs are used by various website to increase their traffic which will result in increase in revenue of company. To motivate people to help them in increasing traffic companies pay commission to its members. Etalon-trade also has affiliate programs. One can earn 5% commission from company on making the referrals for them. The investment plans offering 3000% interest is making company unstable and unsustainable. The affiliate program high commission make company non reliable. They are making a perfect platform for collapsing of this company.


Etalon-trade is Not Recommended by us due to various reasons stated by us in above paragraphs. Avoid such website in the beginning they are not good for anybody. They are working to earn revenue for them only and not for others. We can only advise our readers to make wise choice before investing in this company.

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If you have any doubt regarding Etalon-trade share with us, we will be happy to help you.