Elite Blog Academy Review – Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam?

Hello friends, if you are looking around the internet to know about the Elite Blog Academy then you are at the right place. In this Elite Blog Academy Review, we are going to discuss some major questions arised by the readers like, is Elite Blog Academy Scam? Or is Elite Blog Academy Legit? Or is Elite Blog Academy Fake? Or is Elite Blog Academy Real? Blogging sites are not new. Many people started it as a hobby and many of them are earning from it. Blogging has great potential. People can really earn good money or income online by using it. Elite Blog Academy is a course which helps the intermediate bloggers to step ahead and go to the next level of blogging. If you do not want to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary of this article in one line. We do Not Recommend Elite Blog Academy because it is highly overpriced. Elite Blog Academy is not a scam, it is legit product. Getting in it is also very difficult because it opens once a year for 5 days only. It is not the last place where you can learn the blogging technique, so there is no point to wait a whole year to join it.

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What is Elite Blog Academy and how does it works?

As the name of the site and their product explain that it is a blog academy in which people are going to learn the system, techniques, and formulas or the stuff that is going to help them to have a good blogging site and work. To help the bloggers, the Elite Blog Academy has created a self-paced blogging course. By using it, successful bloggers can turn it into earning or turned their blogging site into their online business. Elite Blog Academy was launched by the Ruth Soukup in the year 2014. With time the site also updates their course at present they are using EBA 3.0.

It is not that the information is not available on the internet but it is present in discrete form. There is no one place available where people can find anything in simple and right manner, therefore, this loophole creates an opportunity to every blogger to provide the right information to their readers even having all the information present on the internet.

Cons of Elite Blog Academy

  1. Limited time span to get an entry: since it is open once a year for 5 days only. It makes the entry even difficult for any person. It makes no sense to wait the whole year to get their course which can also be available in other good sites like Wealthy Affiliate Company, you can join it any time over the year. We have read many successful stories people getting benefited from the Wealthy Affiliate Company.
  2. Not useful for new bloggers: even though Elite Blog Academy claims, their course is for every level of bloggers but in reality, it is not the case. It is not going to teach you how to set up the WordPress blog. They are thinking that you know the basic of blogging and they are not going to explain it to you. It is not explicit but once you join it one can understand the implicit meaning of their words.
  3. Not very good technical support: as the price they are charging is not going to worth when it comes to their technical support. It is because they are offering only a course and not their technical support which is very important for building you blogging base. It is important because many of you are not going to understand the coding for bringing some changes you need technical support and this is what they are lacking in their course.
  4. Not worth of their price: their price is overly priced. There are many other sites that teach people online business at a much lower price. They have many programs and services available on their site that make them one of the most successful businesses online and people recommend them without any hesitation. It is because they have been benefited by it and they want other to avail of their products.
  5. Difficult refund policy: Elite Blog Academy has a 180 day refund period. It is not simple to get your money back on time or even to get your money back.

Pros of Elite Blog Academy

  1. No overwhelming programs: many sites provide overwhelming programs which are difficult to understand because they just provide the material and videos. There is not step involved to make you understand things. In Elite Blog Academy their training process is step-by-step and easy to follow.
  2. Diverse resources: their learning resources are diverse in nature and it caters to people with different learning preference. Video tutorials are available with video transcripts.
  3. Community support: once you become their member and join their FB page you will come into contact with other members. It is a good place to get help, where people share shortcoming and the ideas that helped them to grow. But still, it is not the place to get all the answer of your queries. It is a good place for soft discussion and makes friends.
  4. Lifelong enrollment: anybody join this site or become a member can access their resources as many times as they want in the future.
  5. The owner is not fake: Ruth is a successful blogger which provide legitimacy to its product. There are many products we have reviewed and the common point between the scam products is that their owner is fake. They use any famous personality name as their product owner or maker.


We do Not Recommend Elite Blog Academy due to various reasons we have stated. But it does not mean that you cannot join it. It is because one can really earn by using this product. We have provided an unbiased review of this product and it is now totally your discretion to join it or not. By this, we want to make you understand that this site is not the only place and the price they are charging is not worth though they have many pros in their working still there are many better options available on the internet.

To know about the site that can really help you in earning an online income is the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This has its own programs and training material and services available for its members. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding Elite Blog Academy and you want to know more about it, please drop your message or doubt in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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