Scam or Legit- Elite Marketing Pro? Curiosity Solved!!

Hi everyone, we know you are also want to know about the Elite Marketing Pro site. In this Elite Marketing Pro Review, we will solve all your queries. Before starting our review, we want to appreciate your effort to learn first about the company before involving in it. There are many people who just get involved in the business without know wing about it. It shows you are a wise person. Let us now start our review.

Some question that we will answer is like, is Elite Marketing Pro Scam? Or is Elite Marketing Pro Legit? Such kind of question gives us a broad picture of the company working and functioning. Therefore for us, these are vital question one should ask with every company in the beginning.

You might do not want to read the whole article, for you, we are providing a crux of this article in the next few lines. Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam and it is a pretty much legit company. Still, we do Not Recommend this site as there is a much better option available on the internet. To know the reasons you have to read the article below.

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What is What is Elite Marketing Pro Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam or Legit Is Elite Marketing Pro Real or Fake Elite Marketing Pro Review, Elite Marketing Pro

What is Elite Marketing Pro? Elite Marketing Pro Review

It is a network marketing company which is dealing with the products that help people to have an understanding of marketing and how by using their product one can earn online income. The founder of this product is Tim Erway. They have two types of product Attraction Marketing and Lead Generating Training. The price of their product is $297 per annum with upsells (up to $3497). If you want to be a network marketer and want to open any kind of online/offline business that this is for you. But it is a really good way or better alternate is present? You will find out soon.

Elite Marketing Pro offer targeted education, training, and mentoring programs. They are focusing on 2 main aspects of business i.e. Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation. According to the company, “Empowering today’s network marketer with digital strategies to create the ultimate lifestyle business”

Elite Marketing Pro Working

There are two ways to do marketing, first is traditional ways and second is modern ways. Traditional ways have the following steps:

  1. Cold-calling about your prospects
  2. Attending networking events or seminars
  3. Meeting up with your prospects for a coffee. Meeting them face-to-face.
  4. Trying to recruit your friends and family members or known people.

Modern ways are Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation

Attraction Marketing: it is basically about attracting quality prospects. It allows people to come to you instead you go to them for sale.

In this method, Elite Marketing Pro will teach you how to:

  1. Build your sales funnels
  2. Create Advertisements
  3. Set up lead capture pages
  4. Drive traffic to your lead capture pages
  5. Build Email list
  6. Convert leads into sales

Elite Marketing Pro products

  1. Membership worth of $297/year
  2. 10-minuteTraffic Machine worth of $997
  3. Attraction Marketing Formula worth of $47
  4. Social Media Recruiter worth of $97
  5. LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook worth $197 (price can vary as the price keep changing, it is just an overview of their products)

Can you earn Money in Elite Marketing Pro? What is Elite Marketing Pro For?

The company has written that they are targeting network marketing entrepreneurs. If you are working in network marketing or any other marketing area then this site is for you. Since it is a legit company and they have a training product, definitely it is going to help you but the right question is that is the price worth and just.

Cons of Elite Marketing Pro

  1. Expensive Products: we are not concern about their programs. They are might be very good but they have tagged their programs overpriced. As we have explained the products above. Their membership and the upsells (which generate much revenue for the company than the membership). On the internet our no. 1 recommended company i.e. Wealthy Affiliate Company also provide such training programs and services but they charge only $47 per month and they have no upsells.
  2. Coaching System: They have assigned coaches for every new member. This might be good for the beginners as they help you not to get distracted. But a common issue is that this training will be locked and you have to book an appointment and contact your coach before you continue. It is like a restriction on you. They might give you some moral reason for this but this is one of the ways to do upsells. This is where suddenly coaches turned into a salesperson.
  3. Self-Promotion: we are not saying that the programs of this site are not good but those sites that are declaring that their aim is to train you or teach you but they are focusing on their self-promotion are not working ethically. Their main aim is not to train you but sell you their product with a backing that they are helping you to earn money.


Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam. If you want to join it you can. We are not here to judge your decision. It might be good for you and we believe that you are taking the decision with full understanding and consciousness. Still, if you want to know a contemporary company that is far much better than this site then you must see our no. 1 recommended company.

The Wealthy Affiliate Company is our no. 1 recommended company. It has already helped many people to have their own online business and earn a fulltime online income by using their training programs and services. To get more information about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding the Wealthy Affiliate Company please share it with us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.

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