Whether Emkmall.com is scam site or legit?

Every research has its home and thus you have found one. I have accumulated various scam sites on my sleeves. Thus we congratulate all of our readers for taking a step ahead towards the well being of the society.  This is an important task to protect ourselves from the shady people who either hide their identity or forge someone’s. We being the part of internet user might know various shopping websites which ease our daily routine. One such shopping site is Emkmall. There might we various intruding questions arising in your mind. Whether Emkmall is genuine or is just fooling people around?

In this article we will outline all the prospects with focus and cluster all the points in detail. Your research ends right here and us subject that Emkmall is absolutely scam and fraudulent site to dupe which motives to dupe innocent people. In the following paragraphs we will explain the reasons not recommending Emkmall.

What is Emkmall.com?

Emkmall.com is online shopping store which can be browsed on www.emkmall.com easily without any complications. The company Emkmall aims to deliver shimmering and comfortable products to their customers. The varieties of the products vary from swimsuits to body suits and causal dresses to party wear.

The company delivers products to all parts of the world. Hence anyone can grab the opportunity of sale. But is Emkmall is legit?

Whether Emkmall.com is scam site or legit?

Reasons behind not recommending Emkmall:

For a company to be legit must confidently provide its owner information and contact details. This is not the case with Emkmall. The company has not shared any detail about the owner of Emkmall. The company has not provided the details either on their official website or on WHOIS details. Hence there is no transparency like other well known sites like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc. These scam sites have not shared their details because they fear that due to the fraudulent nature of the company they might get stuck. Due their secret they have low the trust of the customers in the first instance. This creates an environment of suspect in the minds of people.

It is highly risky to share your personal and financial details with suspicious people like Emkmall.com as their only motive is to trap people. Once with any reason you share your personal data with them or make any purchase with them they save your information for the long run. Such details are also at risk of been sold to the third party which can misuse for their own benefit.

Such sites are prone of cyber attacks and can be hacked by the third party because their making of website is fragile due to fewer sources. If you have already allocated your details with the company then we highly advise you to contact your bank to force stop your credit/debit card and issue you another one. You should also revise your password of email to protect yourself from torment.

To attract and lure more of more customers the company Emkmall is proposing great and unbelievable rebates to their customers. Generally this is an ordinary loop used by most of the scam sites. The basic trick behind the track is that the management team knows very well that each and every person is addicted to shopping. Hence additional discounts will definitely lure more people. And this is the reason that shoppers get lured and do not take a quick background check or research about the company.

Therefore it should be the responsibility of the people on their shoulders to research about the new company before going into the consideration of shopping.

You must know that the scam sites obstacle the owners to invest large amount of their money on fraudulent site like Emkmall. Hence the creation and design of Emkmall.com is very much shabby and unmanaged. Even the logos mentioned in the website are also not clickable which directly proves the falseness of Emkmall.

The company is very much new which is observed in the details of WHOIS. The company was established few months back. Hence the question of trust does not arise. The company cannot operate in long run due to major red flags.

If you click the “About Us” section in the official website then you will discover that it is empty and no details about the company is mentioned which truly declares Emkmall.com as scam.

The company claims in their “Refund Policy” that the discounted products are not liable for exchange or return. But if we see closely then majority of the products on Emkmall.com are on rebate and such discounts which are unbelievable.

The company claims in their “FAQ” section that the company is located in Canada and United States but in the same website they claim their address to be in China. This is very much suspecting and confusion provoking.

In case you are sucked in the loop of scam sites then it is advisable to avoid contacting the customer service of that site on the first notice. Then immediately get in touch with the same bank whose card you used for payment or filling detail. Ask your bank to terminate the payment and reissue you another card. You should always dislodge the card detail from the website so that they can no longer benefit themselves. The most important thing is to spread your story over the internet to the entire world so that they can become aware of the fact that sites like Emkmall.com are to be ignored. This is the responsibility of each and every citizen to secure the lives of others.


Thereafter glimpsing to all the corners with detail and perception we had come to this decision that Emkmall.com is a major scam shopping site. The sites seems to spank in very short period.

Even you should be very much careful to not to share your personal and financial details with any sites without observation.

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If you are hovering with confusion or queries in your head then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.


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