What is Empowr.com? Is Empowr Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to get the complete review of Empowr.com, then you are reading the right article. In this Empowr Review, we are going to answer some general questions. Whether Empowr is a scam or legit? Whether Empowr is a real or fake? If you are not interested in reading the full article and need our assistance at the present moment, then ‘We do Not Recommend Empowr website’. This website is not new, earlier they were operating on the different domain names. They provide social media platform similar to Facebook and Google plus. In this website, you can earn by Post, Comment, Likes and doing all the stuff that you perform on other social media platforms. We cannot claim that this company is a scam because it is paying. But what you are earning on this website is not worthy of your time that you invest on this website. You can earn good money by investing the same amount of time on other legit and good website.

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What is Empowr.com Is Empowr Scam or Legit Is Empowr Real or Fake Empowr Review, Empowr

How Empowr works? Why we don’t recommend it?

Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti are the main brains behind the Empowr website. It is mentioned on their website. It is not a new website. Earlier, this website had the Fanbox and the Project Uplift domain name. The new domain www.empower.com was registered on 06-11-2003. It starts is working in 2014. The difference between the registration date and starting date is due to the reason that earlier they operated with different names Fanbox and the Project Uplift. In WHOIS record, you will not find any information of the owners of this website. Our source of information from where we get the owner names is the Empowr website itself. You must be curious, why they changed their name twice? The reasons behind changing names were to hide the negative feedbacks of users and the complaints on previous names of the website.

The Empower website is offering you to earn money by completing simple tasks. Tasks like commenting on posts, sharing posts, liking post etc. It works similar to other social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus etc. The difference is very minute between empower and other social media website i.e. in Empowr, you earn by doing the normal stuff that you do freely on Facebook or Google plus. Therefore, some members use this website to promote their affiliate links and earn in two ways (first, by affiliate and second by posting on Empowr website wall). In Empowr, your income depends upon your work on the website (according to Empowr website). The more you share, comment, post, via your profile, more you earn money on this website. The best part about Empowr is that you earn in both ways by posting and by liking the post. It has bad points also, for example, their compensation plan. Their compensation plan is not clear. It is very hard to find all piece of information in a simple manner that explains the payment plans completely. For instance, when you try to withdraw your payment first time, the company asks you to pay money from your own pocket. They charge the money as their fees. But the problem is that even after that you are not able to withdraw your money. You can use that money or income for the advertisements only. The amount you were able to withdraw is the 1% of your total earning. In brief, if you are dreaming to earn very good money then it is futile. What is happening here is that you are investing dollars to earn pennies.

If you read the company claims then you are going to earn 1000s of dollars simply by posting and other stuff on the Empowr, that you do freely on other social media platforms like Facebook. But what they did not mention is that how much you will earn by sharing and posting on the Empowr website. The most complicated thing is their compensation plan. They are complicated, confusing and difficult to understand as compared to other online companies. Most of the people could not understand it.

Now, to get your money cash out, you have to provide Paypal account with your details. You have to pay fees to the company from your side. The company claims become bogus in this particular condition. They claim that one can earn free of cost on their website. Or even one can earn huge income. But when you request for the payment, you have to pay fees. It means instead of earning first on this website you are losing your own pocket money. You have to wait for 3 months or 90 days to receive your first payment that is also only 1 % of your earning. Like you many people wonder where their money has gone. The cuts you experience in your income are due to various plans and fees. Most of your earning can only be used for the advertisements only. It makes the company not genuine because they are misguiding their members by showing lucrative offers. In reality, they are not paying as they are claiming. This is one of the major drawbacks of this website. We have seen complaints as well as proof of payments. The common point in both is that the company is not paying what it claims. If you are not receiving what you must then there is no use of working on this website. It means it is not an easy platform to earn money. It seen to be that company is cheating and wasting members time. What is your opinion? The question arises is that why the company is offering good amount? It is because they are and wants to lure people. Where money is involved, transparency is imperative. It builds trust on the company and ultimately led to increasing the company’s credibility. Therefore, the company must clear their plans and patient procedure before signing new members.


We do Not Recommend Empowr website due to various reasons already discussed above. From our point of view, this website does not worth of your time that you invest on this website in a hope to earn good money. The company is paying without any doubt but they are not paying what they claim. To work on this website or not is your call. We are not judging your choice. We are just providing the opinions and some fishy things we observe. We are working to provide a genuine review. We advise you to avoid this website. Beware of this website because it is a very appealing website. Their work is easy but the payment system is very confusing.

There are other websites similar to Empowr available on the internet, which offer easy, simple and ready jobs. In recent past, many online frauds have come to light. They use people time and resources and after some initial payments run away with people money. Do not get trapped yourself into the traps of the bad website. They attract especially those people who are looking for easy and simplest ways to earn money online. It is because they are easy to target.

If you want to earn a full-time income, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate Company. The Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one which provides training programs and different online services that help you to earn income online. They are on this field from 2005. It clearly means that they have a good experience. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate, please visit our webpage by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding Empowr website, please share it with us. You can provide your feedback in our comment box. We will be glad to help you.

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