What is Etherlab.biz? Is Etherlab Scam or Legit?

What is Etherlab.biz? Is Etherlab Scam or Legit?

Are you curious to know about Etherlab.biz? You have arrived at the right destination where we are going to provide answers of some general questions that might be troubling you like, is Etherlab Scam? Or is Etherlab Legit? Or is Etherlab Real? Or is Etherlab Fake? In this Etherlab review we will also try to answer those questions that will clear your very doubt about Etherlab. Cryptocurrencies are new and that is why many people are ignorant about it. There are different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market like bitcoin, litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Ripple and Ethereum.  The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that it is decentralized currency working for the whole world. It means no central bank of any country regulate it. This new currency gave rise to new investment market known as Cryptocurrency investment market. Many people are working unscrupulously to take advantage of people ignorance via internet. If you do not want to read further and need our assistance at this moment then, ‘We do Not Recommend Etherlab Company’. This is because Etherlab is working on the phenomenon of ponzi scheme. The ponzi schemes are the one in which company generally pay to its old members from the money acquired from the new members. This will lead to collapse of a company due to great debt taken from public and zero ways to earn revenue for itself. It is not good to invest in a company that is unsustainable especially which is working as an investment market.

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What is Etherlab.biz Is Etherlab Scam or Legit Is Etherlab Real or Fake Etherlab Review Etherlab

How does Etherlab works?

The company Etherlab claims that people have made a very good decision to join their community of Etherlab Ltd. They are claiming (in FAQs) that their company is ‘completely risk-free Mining Company, due to their ideology and company concept’. They did not talk about any kind of ideology or concept on their website. They just claiming to have some kind of ideology that may be we have to understand by our own. Some discrepancies arise here is that, how a volatile market like Investment Market could be risk free? We all know that Investment Market is subject to market risks. Therefore, there is no way in which anybody can claim it total risk free market. The cryptocurrency is start working in 2010 and still have seen major bubble burst in 2011 and 2013. It means the cryptocurrency is also of volatile nature and there are major risk involve in this currency. The company is providing wrong facts just to lure people.

Company also claim that their ‘company is made up of certified professionals in various fields like cryptocurrency mining, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency finance and security’. But they did not provide any kind of information of their professionals. They not even mention the name of the professionals. It means if you or me open a website and write ‘we have professionals working in investment market from last 10 years’ without giving their names or their profile, then are you really genuine or trying to make others fool. Same thing is done by this website. They did not even provide their owner information on their website. They also hide their information in the WHOIS records. It means there are hiding intentionally. Hiding the information is the most common feature of the scam websites. Therefore, the credibility of this company to be a genuine company is zero.

The company to show their credibility provided the registration certificate acquire from UK Companies Registration. They are registered under the company name: ETHERLAB LIMITED and the company number: 10854083. The registration certificate is original and we do not have any doubt about it. But in our research we have found out that to get register any company in UK Companies is like a cake walk. One has to pay just 20GBP as a registration fee. One more fact we have observe in various websites listed in our Not Recommended list (some websites are already turned into scam later on) is UK Companies Registration. All of them have this registration certificate due to above stated reason. So their credibility and trustworthiness is near zero and we do not recommend our readers to invest in this website. Being an investment company they should have come sort of transparency because people ‘hard earned money’ is on stake.

They have very lucrative investment scheme to attract investor attention. They are giving 10% interest daily for 15 days. These are very high number and very unsustainable also. It is not viable for any kind of business entity to provide such a huge profit to anybody and also earn revenue. At this place our mind will try us to believe in this offer due to human greediness. Do not fall in this trap. Think wisely if they have such kind of investment plan, where they are going to earn profit for sure then, they can easily take personal loan from the bank to generate revenue for them. They are not doing it because they know that they are cheating us and they do not have any kind of technology which will provide sure profit. There is nothing certain in the life other than uncertainty.

They are also having an affiliate programs. The affiliate programs are used by websites to increase their traffic and in reward provide commission to its members. The difference between the genuine sites and the scam sties is that genuine company give low commission (but pay regularly). On the other hand scam sites provide high commission (does not pay). Etherlab is giving 4% commission to its members and 8% commission to its representatives. Companies like Etherlab initially will pay to its members because they are working on ponzi scheme which we have already explain in the first paragraph. The investment plans and affiliate programs are very unsustainable and will be the major reason in the company collapsing in near future or in coming time.


Etherlab is Not Recommend by us. Beware of such website because they are open in numbers on daily basis. Their offers might lure you and your mind will also tell you to believe in their plan. But they are just using human psychology into their advantage. Do not be prey to such people and be always wise to your investments.

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If you have any kind of questions left about Etherlab then feel free to discuss with us by commenting in our comment box. We will be pleased to help you.