What is Etherminerz.com? Is Etherminerz Scam?

What is Etherminerz.com? Is Etherminerz Scam?

If you are looking to get information about Etherminerz.com, you are reading the right article on the same. In this Etherminerz review, we will provide you the answers to all questions that might be troubling you. The questions like, is Etherminerz Scam? Or is Etherminerz Legit? Or is Etherminerz Real? Or is Etherminerz Fake? Such questions trouble a lot especially in the case of websites that offer very profitable returns. The doubt against the websites that offer lucrative offers is good. The investment market is a volatile market. Still, there are many websites claim to pay profitable returns with full assurance.  Etherminerz is one of such websites that provide a platform to invest the money and earn a good return without any hardship. If you are not interested in reading the full article, then we can haircut it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Etherminerz website. This website is working on a Ponzi scheme. Under this scheme, the company pays to its first members from the money invested by the second member. Following the same pattern, the company becomes unsustainable and then they shut their company down and run away.

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What is Etherminerz.com Is Etherminerz Scam or Legit Is Etherminerz Real or Fake Etherminerz Review, Etherminerz

How does Etherminerz work?

The working of Etherminerz is not good, as we have already told that it is working as a Ponzi scheme. The company is offering very lucrative offer or investment plan. They are offering 10% daily interest for 15 days. This means that at the end of 15 days you will earn 150% interest. It is not possible in the real world. Yes, we understand that your mind is inclined towards the company and you desperately need to get some positive review to invest your money in this company. But the reality is harsh. The company is not working legitimately. Think wisely that there are major economists and bankers working in the world, running the big banks and central banks in different countries. They are not able to pay such interest rate annually. It clearly points out that the company working is not sustainable and it will be going to collapse soon. They will run away with people money.

Affiliate Programs are used by the websites to increase their website’s traffic and membership. The company pays commission to its members. Many genuine websites that use this method pay commission to its member by selling some real product or services to the affiliate. The company has two commission rates one for members and one for representatives. They are offering 4% commission to members and 8% commission to representatives. They are not selling any real product or services. Therefore, they are going to pay commission from the money invested by the new members. It is because the company does not have any way to earn profit or revenue for itself other than receiving the money via investments. This makes the company working more non-reliable.

The company has hides its information in WHOIS records. It means it does not matter how hard you will try, you will not get the information about the person running this website. It is the common feature of scam websites. They generally hide their information because they do not want to reveal their identity. They hide because they do not want to get caught. The Etherminerz website did not provide any information about the owner. It is not possible that a company can run without the owner. The information is must and essential because it measure how much a company is transparent about its working. The higher the transparency higher will be the trust. But Etherminerz websites does not have the credibility because it has zero transparency.

The company got a registration certificate from the UK Companies House. The company is registered under the company name: ETHER MINER LTD and the company number: 11160164. The registration certificate of UK Companies is also available with those websites that are already not recommended by us. Many websites that are listed on our Not Recommended list turned into scam website. This shows that the certificate of UK Companies House does not carry any authenticity to prove company’s legitimacy.


Etherminerz is Not Recommend by us due to the various reasons discussed above. We have just provided our opinion. To invest in this company or not should be your decision. It is your hard earned money and you are more responsible for it. We just want you to ask these questions to the company so that you will not regret in the end. We advise you to avoid this website.

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If you got any doubt regarding Etherminerz website, please feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you out.