Review: Eurekascience is Fake Online Store! Review: Eurekascience is Fake Online Store!

Various scammers are making a killing out of innocent, unsuspecting people and has also joined the list of scam sites. The kitechnaiden scam gets its victims easily by disguising itself as an online kitchenware store that sells multiple kitchen accessories. If you are wondering why we are calling out as a scam site, this Eurekascience review will present you with the hard facts to support our investigation.

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So, what are the facts about being a scam site?

1.Evident Plagiarism: If you visit the Eurekascience website and compare the content on the site with the genuine website, you will immediately notice that the two sites are almost identical. This is because has copied everything from and we know that no genuine online store would be an exact replication of its competitor. Eurekascience’s shameless plagiarist approach includes even photos from Eurekascience uses an exact logo of and is even celebrating 100 years of existence just like What are the odds, right…?

2.Ridiculous discount prices: This is perhaps the most appealing scam approach that most people fall for with the greatest ease. You will probably bump into that nice product on kitchenaid and you really want to make that purchase. Then you decide to just checkout for options and you land on Eurekascience and boom! A huge unbelievable discount! But that deal is too good to be true.

For example, Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head, cream Stand Mixer on the genuine was going for US$ 279.99 on But the same product (although with a deeper cream color) is retailing at US$ 47.91 on the Eurekascience scam website. indicates that it has slashed the price of the same product from $499.99 to US$ 279.99, but indicates that their price slash is from US$ 400.24 down to US$ 47.91! is a Hoodwinked Ghost: Although the Eurekascience scam website has a contact page and even live chat support, they have no information about where they are located or who the owners are. On the hand, the genuine “contact us” page provides you with their location address, which is 553 Benson Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 for major appliances and microwaves and 553 Benson Road, Mail Drop: 8060 Benton Harbor, MI 49022 for Countertop Appliances, Kitchenware & Kitchen Tools.

4.Customer Complaints: Customers have been complaining without ceasing about the Eurekascience scam. Such complains range from failed deliveries or delivery of substandard or completely broken items. There are also complains about receiving products that one did not order for despite making an online picture-guided selection from their website. The most serious complains are those of credit card fraud!
We strongly recommend that you do not share any personal or credit card details with this scam site, but if you already have, PLEASE REMOVE SUCH INFORMATION RIGHT AWAY.

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