What is Ever Green Adz – Is EverGreenAdz Scam or Real?

What is Ever Green Adz – Is EverGreenAdz Scam?

If you are looking for Ever Green Adz Reviews to find out What is Ever Green Adz? Whether EverGreenAdz Scam or  Legit and Whether EverGreenAdz Real or Fake, then you came into the right page. In this Ever Green Adz  review, We will talk about EverGreenAdz Background, How EverGreenAdz work and other important topic about EverGreenAdz .

EverGreenAdz registered their website privately, So it is impossible to find that who is actually running this website and from where they are operating the site. If any site owner tries to hide himself then it is not a good sign and which indicates that site is  not trust worthy. Mostly site owners use this tactics if they have connection with the past scam sites or they also want to scam people with their new site. So we do not recommend you to invest in EverGreenAdz. However, EverGreenAdz domain as evergreenadz.com was registered on 5  Jan, 2017

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How to Earn Money in EverGreenAdz

EverGreenAdz is a combination of Paid to Click and Revenue sharing site. As a free member, You can earn money by viewing ads for some seconds. In order to view an ad, first You need to click on ad which give you 3 boxes and 3 line of text. You have to paste each line of text into the box underneath and click on the validate button. When you will do this, you will find advertiser website. You have to see this website until green load bar completes. You will receive Bonus Ad points when you correctly click the upside down picture. Each Bonus ad Point is worth of $0.0005. You can also earn money by purchasing their bulk advertising services. if you purchase $1 ad pack, You will get advertising credits and 2300 Bonus points as Bonus. It means if you purchase $1 ad pack then you will earn $1.15. So, You will earn 115% on every ad pack purchase.

Earn More Money from Referral Program

You will earn more money if you refer others to EverGreenAdz. You will get 10 % referral commission on your referral purchase. For Example: If your referral purchase $50 ad pack, then you will instantly get $5 in your account. Not only on purchasing, You will also get 5% on your referral ad click. So refer more people to the site, The more direct referral you will have, The more You will earn  in  EverGreenAdz. If you do not know how to get direct referrals, Then you can find our No.1 recommend company which will teach you how to do that, You can read more about that company by clicking <<HERE>>

There is a coin game also, You can play that game by spending Bonous Ad Points. But we recommend you not to play this game, Because it is very risky. You can lose all your money with in some time. But if you want to play, then it is your choice. But our advice is  play it for fun not for money.


As we mentioned before, Owner detail is completely hidden  and this is the biggest drawback of EverGreenAdz. You must think more before investing to the site in which owner detail is hidden. However, This site is new,  So in starting it will pay to members, So you can work as a free member. But if you are thinking to invest in this site then invest only the amount of money which you can afford to lose. If site does good for 5-6 months, then we will come with detail review on this site. You will find latest updates about this site on the top of the page.

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If you have any question or want to report anything about EverGreenAdz, then simply drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.