Can we get older in imagination? Face App Review

Can we get older in imagination? Face App Review

Well this would be entirely discuss in this whole article where we would be reveal a new application and it’s scam ways to dupe the innocent people.

These days people are more inclined towards the usage of smartphones and their daily updates new applications. One of them is face app, which is in fame these days. Poeple all over the social media are so exicted and enthusiastic about using such an application.

Anyway you all people are gathered here to know the usage of face app. And whether it is legit to use or it’s just an another way to trap people.

Face App Review: Is Face App Scam?

What is face app?

There are some people out there who are thrilled and adventurous about being old or otherwise imagining themselves that. Therefore such an imagination is dubbed as a latest application known as face app. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. The face app imitates intelligence to provide images and pictures of people into realistic younger or older versions. Thousands of people including celebrities are so obbssed with this application. This app insanely renders the transformation of your face into younger or older imagination of yours which you depicts to see.

Face app is in a limelight these days and apparently this is a Russian based application in which you can transform your face or selfie into realistic filters. This app was launched in 2017 but due to its captivating feature that turns you into younger or older self is going wild in recent days.

Once you download this application it’s fully ready to use. You will just need to upload your photo or picture with a straightforward face and you can apply any of the filters of your choice. Some of the filters going fierce nowadays are the ones which transform you into young or old versions of yours, sparkling your background, some of the filters add smile and spectacles while some helps you to chose the hair colour of your own choice.

How good is face app working?

The moment you download the application you get an access to free version of it. In this free category you are given approach to pay limited number of filters and one them includes the old age filter where you can transform your photograph into either young slef or the older.

Using a viral app, it’s important to keep in mind that privacy is major priority. Though using such app is fun and enjoyment but in return we are agreeing to some questionable demands of the third party. In such a case we are threating our privacy. For usage of such an app like face app you have to give an access to third party of your gallery, camera, media files and storage. As such things are pretty normal for app that takes photographs but this application requires more. T he fact is that you have to allow them to use your internet connection, stop mobile phone from sleeping, and hence full network access.

Face app intentionally gets an access to your mobile phone programs and hence claims that they use the data for purposes like “improving the service” and to come up with lots of ads. But recently a developer named Joshua Nozzi has warned everyone out there who uses face app that has some doubtful loading crisis which may happen that slowly your whole gallery might be getting downloaded. The ones who have sensitive data in the picture gallery can not resist or undertake such a risk. Still,no such evidence is lying underneath.

Therefore the company claims that the photo of the users are processing in the cloud. They say that they do not transfer the pictures from phone to cloud rather they just store the uploaded ones. The reasons behind this operation is that the company do not want the users to waste their time in such a squandered task. Ofcourse we do not know that whether face app deletes the data or not.

But researchers have confirmed that there no such violation of the app which harms the privacy of the people who uses it. After a rough argument and rumors the company of the face app explained that the app utilises and uploads only those photos which are selected by the users for editing otherwise no photos are transferred to the app. Even the company claims that they might store the uploaded photo only for the sole reason that they generate traffic and user doens’t have to upload the photo repeatedly for every editing they prefer. The company even says that majority of the time the uploaded and stored photos are deleted within 48 hours.

Definitely we should be worrying about our privacy and data but same situation applies in any social media site that you all people are into. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike,etc. These sites also takes access in our data including camera, internet connection, gallery and vearuous documents, so there is also a threat of loss of data. Therefore if your using such app then mandatorily your have to trust the terms and conditions while providing them information. On the other hand, company promises that they are looking forward to increase the rate of privacy we better UI.

Do we recommend?

From the above points that are been mentioned in this article we make you the sole judge of deciding whether you should use the application or remain aside from it. If the matter remains on us then we recommend face app.

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