Flamenx.com is a fardudlent online store, Stay away from it

Flamenx.com is a fardudlent online store, Stay away from it

Hello readers, we come to know about a new site Flamenx.com. It is promoting itself on the different social media platforms claiming itself an e-commerce site.

We did our research about it and presenting you our findings in this Flamenx Review. There might be some question in your mind regarding it like, is Flamenx Scam or Legit? Is Flamenx Fake or Real?

This article will solve all your queries. Online we all know e-commerce business has grown at exponential rate and we have witness many e-commerce companies becoming giants at very short time.

This market is huge and now many players has entered in it. Amid these sites there are many scam sites are also working. Scam sites launched every day in bulk.

We appreciate your effort that you took time to do your own research about this site before involving in any way.

Summary: Flamenx is a Scam site and we do Not Recommend it. We have seen many complaints regarding this. Our findings are also pointing towards that this is a scam site. The reasons are discussed in the article below. In short the discount that you might to avail on this site will turn into scamming you.

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Falmenx.com is a fardudlent online store, Stay away from it

What is Flamenx and how it works?

Flamenx is one of the e-commerce site on the internet that are providing different products on its site at a very good discount rate.

The discount was very good and on every product. They are providing more than 50% discount on every product and on some products they are offering 80% discount.

If you see the genuine companies they provide discount but not on every product. Usually, they provide 10-20 percent discount. Rarely, they provide 50% or more than 50% discount.

They also offer a specific date and week when they are going to launch their big sale. Contrary to genuine sites, Flamenx is providing discount on every product and that is also 24*7.

The owner information is not present on the official site. We all know the owner of genuine companies like Amazon, Alibaba etc. It is because genuine companies believe in transparency and in trust building.

Contrary to genuine companies, Flamenx has not provided its owner name or information. They have even hid their information in WHOIS records which is the most common feature among the scammers.

They hid their identity because they know they are scamming you and when you know about it, you will definitely file complaint against them. To make them safe from any conviction. They never reveal their identity.

The Flamenx want you to provide your information to them. During the sign-up process you provide your personal information to them. Which they use to turn into a big data and then sell to third part at hand some amount.

They do not provide Cash on Delivery option. All the option of payment is via card or PayPal account. It means you have to provide them your financial information as well.

The catch is that by providing your financial information to them you make yourself vulnerable to cyber-attack. They will charge you without your knowledge. It is one of the most common complaints we have seen against this site.

Also, using your financial information they can theft your account which they do by auto-debiting from your card. If you have provided your information to any such site then please contact your bank or company to save your account from such transactions.

Many people have compliant that they did not receive their product even waiting for more than 30 days. If somebody receive the product, they are not getting what they purchased.

Actually, just to show they are genuine company, scammers do deliver some products but they are of poor quality.


Flamenx is a scam site and we do not recommend it. They are scamming people in different way but the base is same i.e. by luring them. They willing provide high discount because they want your attention and you fell into it, if you buy something.

Beware of such site and also aware people in your social circle by spreading the news. Do not fall into their scam be wise. Keep a long distance from this site and never provide your financial information to anyone.

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If you have any doubt regarding Flamenx please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.


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