What is Familybtc.com? Is Familybtc Scam?

Are you searching the internet to know about Familybtc.com? Your search brings you at the right place to get the answers of some doubts that might be troubling you like, is Familybtc Scam? Or is Familybtc Legit? Or is Familybtc Real? Or is Familybtc Fake? If you are reading this article then you are smart person who think before doing any action. There are various websites working on the internet as PTC website and Familybtc is one of them. They have various methods to offer to its members to earn money online. Earning money online is a very trending desire due to advent of internet and its’ potential. The people earning money online are increasing day by day. Various success stories also motivate people to work online. The problem in this thinking is that people thought earning online is easy. If you do not want to read the full review of Familybtc and want the brief of the article in a nut shell, then ‘We do Not Recommend this website’. The reasons and arguments supporting our review will be present in the article below.

Online earning is not everybody cup of tea. But it can be made simple that person learns to make their own tea. We have made a list of some genuine website that makes earning money a simple task not an easy one. To access the list please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Familybtc.com Is Familybtc Scam or Legit Is Familybtc Real or Fake Familybtc Review Familybtc

How does Familybtc works?

As we have already told in upper paragraphs that Familybtc is a pay to click (PTC) website. Therefore, it is working is mostly based on clicking and viewing of the ads. There are different ways and methods available on it to earn money. The members have to start their journey in this website by registering on their website. The registration is free and only takes 5 minutes to complete. After entering in to the website the first way to earn money is by viewing the ads, which is available in Earn Money tab. The Company is offering 30+ ads to view. It is very simple, member have to click the ads and confirm it on their own after the completion of the bar (which work as a timer). The money is automatically credit into member account. Member can earn minimum 0.00000005BTC up to maximum 0.00000010BTC by viewing per ads. The company is paying in BTC and not in dollars.

The second and new way provided by the company is to play Coin bet game. Flip the coin is purely a betting game. Member can play this game to increase their revenue but it has equal chance that member lose their money. In this bet member have to chose the either head or tail (sides of a coin) manually and flip the coin. If you get the same side which you chose then member earn and lose if opposite happens.

The company also have ClixGrid which is also a game in which member have click on any grids marked on a big picture and earn reward or what every is hidden behind the grid. The others ways are: Faucet, PTCWall, PersonalWall, and Kiwiwall. All of them are for member to earn money. But earning money via all stated methods is very low. It is very-2 hard to earn money regular and good money via methods provided in this website.

The affiliate programs extensively used all over the internet is also used by this website. The best way to earn good money in PTC website is via referrals. The referrals commission always pays greatly to member but in this website the commission is up to 100% which is not viable for any company. It means company is not getting any profit from new members and passing its revenue to its member. This is not a sustainable working of any company.

The owner information is not available on the website and they did not even mention any detail of personals working on the internet. They also hide or guarded their information in WHOIS records. It means company does not want to reveal its identity. Many people have claims to earn money from this website. There is high possibility that they are right. But when company will stop paying or start selective payments (due to its non-viable plans) then we need some information to whom we can contact. They have forum but it works on the will of the admin. Therefore, we need something solid which proves company authenticity.


The company is paying (at the time of writing the article). We have seen mixed responses from the people about payments and non-payments. We do Not Recommend this website because it lack some fundamentals that increase trust on any company. This website does not provide any way to earn good money. The earning will be low in this website and not viable for full time earning. The time it takes to earn money is also not viable. What we meant here is that one can invest their time in genuine website to earn better money than this website.

The Wealthy Affiliate Company is helping people to live their dream to earn money online. They have great past and experience of last 12 years. To know more about this website, please click the given link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have still any doubts or questions regarding Familybtc then feel free to share it with us in our comment section.

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