Fashioncosy.com Review: Is Fashioncosy Scam or Legit? Read Full Review About Fashioncosy

Hello Readers, Welcome to our Fashioncosy.com Review. In this Article we are going to discuss some points related to Fashioncosy Online Shopping Store.

Fashioncosy is an Online Shopping Store which is providing different types of products like Tops, Bottoms, Linen Bottoms, Linen Dresses, Linen Tops, Two Piecec Sets, Jewellary, Women Bags, Women Shoes, etc.

In Short we never recommend Fashioncosy.Com Online Shopping Store.

What is Fashioncosy.com?

Fashioncosy.com is an Online Shopping vendor and their products are Tops, Bottoms, Linen Bottoms, Linen Dresses, Linen Tops, Two Pieces Sets, Jewellary, Women Bags, Women Shoes, etc.

These all products are very trending and attractive. So don’t fall on these offers until you don’t find Fashioncosy.com is legit site or not.

People falls always on low prizes and too much high discounts offers and they lost their money. Please be careful and think about all these points.

Is Fashioncosy.com Scam or Legit?

We studied about Fashioncosy.com and we found some basic points which are given below and these points will help you to recognize the legitimacy of Fashioncosy.com online store.

  1. About Us Page:

Fashioncosy website’s about us page is not trustworthy. They mentioned here a lot of things but all are looking like fake. According to their about us page, they are asking people to contact them via their social media handle facebook but on their official website they did not mention facebook page.

They are claiming that the Company is verified with PayPal and credit card but all are falls claims.

Fashioncosy is claiming for free shipping in every corner of the world which makes the website suspicious.

Fashioncosy providing unlimited order quantity but any of trustworthy stores does not allow it.


  1. Owner/WHOIS Info:

Fashioncosy.com did not provide their owners/company person’s information on their official website. They have given a fake email address, phone number and USA Address.

You are not avail to find that who is operating Fashioncosy.com website.

They also hide their identity in WHOIS record. Make a look of their WHOIS info please click here:

Fashioncosy.com WHOIS info

  1. Products, Pricing and Offers:

They are selling mostly clothing products which are very trending and looking very amazing.

According to their products the prices are very less.

They are offering 30%– 100% off on their products and also offering to ‘buy 1 get 2nd, buy 3 get 4th and buy 5 get 6th free offer’.

  1. Shipping Policies:

They deliver all over the world and their shipping charges are as per the product.

Fashioncosy site is providing free shipping and worldwide shipping policies. If you order over 119+ then they will not charge the delivery cost. They had divided their order deliver in two parts which are:

They took 1 – 5 working days for process and

7 – 20 working days for shipping.

  1. Return and Exchange Policies:

They are providing 14 days return and exchange policies.

Fashioncosy site claims return/exchange policies but in reality they never deliver any product (according to customer reviews). In case if they deliver any product, they always refuse to return or exchange it. They are claiming that the refund will be transferred in your account within 7 working days but all are fake promises.

  1. Fake models images:

Fashioncosy website is not showing their model’s faces that makes people to think twice about their credibility. Generally, the website hires models to showcase their product and pay for it but in Fashioncosy we can not see full models that means they are using fake models images that might be copied from other sites.

  1. Uncountable Buying Options:

Generally, the trustworthy site don’t give you the options to buy any product more than 10 pieces at once but Fashioncosy website offers you unlimited buying options for any single item. This type of things tends to make people think about their credibility and trust issues.

  1. Payment Options:

COD is not available on this website. You can use only PayPal , credit card or debit card method for payments.

Scam sites always use these types of payment options because they never deliver the product. They don’t want to take the risk of COD.

  1. Not Payments icons/ No Social media Icons:

Fashioncosy website is not available in any of social media platform.

Fashioncosy website does not provide icons of payment options. Basically you are not able to check all the available payment options of the Fashioncosy.

They are not in social media, while mostly e-commerce websites always use social media platforms.

  1. Contact Detail:

Fashioncosy do not mention any of their details, like a legit contact number. You can leave an Email to them and you have no any other option to contact.

Fashioncosy is providing a address located in London which is fake.

If your product does not reach then where will you contact because there is no more option to contact them.

  1. Internet Rating of Fashioncosy.com:

This site is not rated at any platform.

  1. Domain Age:

The website’s country is Canada and domain is 77 days old only. At present time the website is trending very fast.

12 .  Online Reviews:

Fashioncosy website has too many positives and negatives reviews given by many website, few are given below:

Positives – Attractive products, Very low and easily affordable prices, many exciting discounts offers.

Negatives – COD not available, bad return & exchange policy, Bad refund policy, Very Low customer support etc.

Most common tricks used by online shopping scam stores:-

  • Most online stores work hard to look genuine.
  • Scam sites never deliver their products. In case they delivered, the product is damaged or different.
  • Fake ‘about us’ page or very Simple and copied content.
  • Copied Images and fake models images without showing faces.
  • Fake worldwide shipping offers.
  • Fake return policy.
  • COD is not available.
  • Loot people’s money through the credit card.
  • Very low prices and high discount offers.
  • Zero security measures.
  • Very new domain and fast advertising.
  • Unlimited buying options for single items


We never recommend Fashioncosy.com website, because the domain is very new and website is trending very fast. They do not provide their identity, it means, there is something fishy. Their customer review is not good, their legitimacy is very low so do not trust easily on this website. Before buying any products please read and check the product detail very carefully.

Please share this information on your social media or if you have any question related Fashioncosy store then drop a comment in our comment box. We will be happy to answer you.


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