Whether Fastchics.com is legit? Fastchics.com Review

Whether Fastchics.com is legit? Fastchics.com Review

There are various shopping online stores which are increasing with the pace of time and population. As we all are aware of the fact that online shopping easy the tension and heighten comfort. In the recent month’s online stuff have become quite poisoning. Therefore same is the case with online shopping. Recently we came across a shopping site namely Fastchics which renders huge claims. You all our reading this article to vanish all of your doubts. Hence we appreciate your step towards protection.
The site Fastchics is completely scam and sheer waste of time. In the following paragraphs we have piled up various reasons for declaring the fraudulence of Fastchics.
We in this article we will reveal all the corners that we should be aware off. Whether Fastchics is fraud site or legit?

Whether Fastchics.com is legit? Fastchincs.com Review

What is Fastchics.com?

Fastchics.com is basically an online shopping store which promises to sell variety of products with comfort and affordance. Company promises to deliver stunning, trendy and inexpensive products and accessories. The products vary from outerwear to shoes and accessories.
The company claims to their customer that Fastchics is an international site which delivers products to all parts of world. But the question arises whether Fastchics is scam?

Reasons for Non Recommendation:

First and foremost charming factor about a legit site their owner details mentioned. Therefore this is not the case with Fastchics.com as the company is far away from trust. The company has not uttered single word regarding the details of their owner. Hence it is impossible to discover the operator in case of any mishappening.
This is the factor applied by majority of the fraudulent sites. They hide the contact and owner details in order to run in any situation. While legit and trusty sites like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc are open with the details of their owner because they know that they motive to operate in the long run. But these shady people like Fastchics are not trustworthy. Even there is no information regarding the owner on the WHOIS.
The site Fastchics.com is prone to cyber attack due to its lenient security. Therefore it’s necessary to avoid providing your personal and financial details to suspicious sites like Fastchics. Due to busy schedules you tend not to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully therefore at time of any query you directly contact the company which pen down your details and use it for their benefit. Such scammers sell this information to the third party. Hence it is important to remember that you should never share your personal and financial details with doubtful sites. In case you have already shared your details then it is advisable to contact your bank.
Second prominent factor which proves the scam of Fastchics are their huge rebates on products without any occasion. King size discounts are common traps used by most of the scam companies as everyone person on this very planet is aware of the fact that women love shopping especially on discounted products. Hence these traps for people fetch them well. The question arises how they will generate revenue if every product they will be lower than selling price.
Therefore you should always be careful with those sites providing unrated discounts. The best thing at this point of time will be research.
While knowing about the scam company management obstructs them to flourish their resources. As a result they end up creating untidy and shabby website. The site does not even look official as the design is quite hasted. Even if you observe clearly you will notice that the mentioned logos are not even clickable which truly speaks of the scam.
As the trust score decreases while knowing that the company Fastchics was created few months backs. Hence it is unendurable to believe such a company which has no legit history.
In the official website of Fastchics.com the company has missed “FAQ” section. This can be assumed that the website was created with limited resources and in haste. Therefore this clearly glimpse that the company Fastchics cannot operate in long run.
If you search the reviews over the Internet then you can remarkably see various user complaints. Some people have complaint that the products delivered to them were of very cheap quality and they hardly resemble the pictures shown in the sales page. Some of them complained regarding the use of their card information. They were very annoyed that the company deducted their amount from the card without notifying them.
All these complaints create big red flags which stop us to suggest it to any of our customer.
In case you had already become the customer and have shared the details then we suggest you to break your link with suspicious sites like Fastchics.com and follow the given instructions. Firstly contact your bank and ask them to force stop your payment and dismantle your card and instead issue you another one.
Then revise all of your passwords whether it is of email, card or else. This will protect you from getting your details sold to third party.
Next, as being the responsible citizen we should always make other aware. If you are a victim of Fastchics.com then you should share your experience with others so that they become aware of the fact that each and every site on Internet is not legit. Your review and suggestions will surely help others.


We conclude that Fastchics.com is absolutely scam and false site which motives to dupe innocent people. There are various complaints against the company from the past customers.
The company has not even provided “FAQ” section which is quite important for the potential customers to get a glance about the company.
Hence our final words leave that we do not recommend Fastchics.com to any of our readers.
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In case you are hovering with any confusion or query in your head then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome to share their opinions and views.