FB Academy review – Is FB Academy a scam?

Hello reader, if you are reading this article then we want to congrats you. It is because you have taken a time to search for the FB Academy product before taking any action. In this FB Academy review, we will be answering some of the most asked questions like, is FB Academy Scam? Or is FB Academy Legit? Or is FB Academy Real? Or is FB Academy Fake? In present time we all know the power and the potential Facebook has in itself. We cannot deny that many people are earning online income while working directly or indirectly on the Facebook. FB Academy is one of the sites which claims to help you to earn money or increase the traffic by placing Ads on the Facebook. If you do not want to read the whole article and want to know the crux of the review immediately then we can provide you with that. We do Not Recommend the FB Academy due to various reasons which we are going to discuss in our article. Also, FB Academy is not a scam for sure.

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What is FB Academy Is FB Academy Scam or Legit Is FB Academy Real or Fake FB Academy review, FB Academy

What is FB Academy and how it works?

FB Academy is the site which is offering courses or you can say different training modules which can help you to earn money while posting ads on Facebook. Facebook is the giant IT Company and also one of the biggest sites that are dominating the world. Facebook has billions of accounts on its sites and all over the world, people use it for different purposes. After a while, people start their earning on it but they failed. It is because they did not get the right way to earn. This is where FB Academy comes into the picture. Yes, you have read it right. FB Academy claims to provide you the best and the better way to work on Facebook to earn income.

FB Academy product is launched and owned by the Anik Singal. He is a young entrepreneur. He has worked in different countries and if you are in the IT field then somewhere you have might be listened his name. He is a legit person this makes this product also a legit one. The best thing about this product is that it is not a scam.

There are 9 modules available to the members in FB Academy

  1. Getting started with Facebook ads.
  2. The funnels
  3. The landing page
  4. The Ad
  5. Targeting
  6. Optimization
  7. Advanced strategies
  8. Certification
  9. Nuts and bolts

There are bonuses also available to the members. To avail the bonuses, there are some couple of useful resources available like AD Swipe files and Facebook Ads checklist.

One can join FB Academy by paying $999. But since the site declares everyone a founding member (I don’t know what they mean by founding member), one can have $300 discount. So now, the real price of the product is $700. The question arises is that is the product worth it.

Pros of FB Academy

  1. Legit Owner: since the owner is the renowned person this gave the product a very good score on a legitimate parameter. We have reviewed many products and the most common point we have found in scam sites is that they hide their name or owner name and use pseudo names instead of a real one. The most common thing is to use the name of an old famous personality.
  2. Detailed program: Programs depth and details show the work of its programmer. They have the really good program that might help people to earn money on Facebook.
  3. Not a scam product: It means you are money is investing in the right place. It might not give you the same result as you have thought but this product will not cheat you at least.

Cons of FB Academy

  1. Overwhelmed comments: yes, it is true the comments or feedback we have seen are overwhelmed. The product can be good and also helping people but they have to be realistic. We are not denying that the product is not helping people but it is not the magic wand.
  2. Unworthy price: The product is good but it is not worth of $700. It is when you are getting founding member bonus. The product is definitely is not the worth of $700. There are other good products available on the internet that are good as it and have price much lower than FB Academy.
  3. No Refund Policy: once you have made a payment and you do not like the product you are do not have any option of refund. Anik has actually explained the reason behind it that since all the material is in digital format, one can get direct access to everything once they join it. But he has locked many modules, so he contradicting his own works.


FB Academy is not a scam product but still, we do Not Recommend it due to reasons we have stated above. We provided our opinion and to use this product or not is totally your discretion. We just wanted to place some point in front of you that might help you to take your decision. Wisely take the decision because you are going to invest your hard earned money on this product.

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If you have any doubt regarding FB Academy product or any other product or site then you can write below in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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