What is Convertedstream.com? Scam or Legit?

What is Convertedstream.com? Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to know about Convertedstream.com, you have arrived at the right place. In this Convertedstream review, we will be going to solve your queries and doubts regarding this website. Some questions that troubles others also like, is Convertedstream Scam? Or is Convertedstream Legit? Or is Convertedstream Fake? Or is Convertedstream Real? Convertedstream is among one of those websites that offer very easy earning on the internet. They are offering easy earning only because people are searching the methods of easy earning on the internet. Many people success over the internet is glamorizes by people and they underestimated their hard work behind it. If you are not interested to read pros and cons of the Convertedstream website, we can make it simple for you. Convertedstream is a scam website. It is not paying to its members. The claims of this website are bogus and totally fake. There are many other similar websites like Convertedstream already listed on our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list. The other similar scam sites are Earningood, Successhare, Proshares, Actshares, Homearns and etc.

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How does Convertedstream Work?

Convertedstream is basically offering people to make as much as referral they can make and earn money on their website. According to them, by making the referrals and working every day 2-3 hours on this website, you can make $100-$500 per day. All such claims are bogus. It is because the company never pays to its members and never going to pay its members.

The company is providing you $3 as a sign-up bonus and $1 for making every referral. Everything works very fine until member asks for cashout payment. The minimum cashout limit on this website is $100 and you have to earn this much amount of money before making any request for payment. After requesting the payment, the company replies back that your request is in progress and it will take some time. The company never wants to pay its member and therefore, they are delaying the process intentionally. Some people complaints about the non-payment of the company. The company again replies that to release your payment soon, you have to pay the fees or complete some paid surveys. Most people leave the websites at this level but some are adamant and complete the paid surveys. Even after fulfilling this condition the company does not pay to its member. It is because of the simple reason Convertedstream is a scam website. They had never paid and they are never going to pay.

The company asks people to provide their information to them. The information both personal, as well as financial information, is asked. The company uses this information to their benefit. They sell the information to the third party. The third party is always anonymous to everyone. The revelation of the financial information makes the person more vulnerable to the hackers’ attack. So it will be our advice to you that never share your information with bad websites.

The owner information is not available on the website. It means that company is hiding their information from the members. They did not mention the name of any real person on the internet. We tried to find out about the owner of this website but we failed. It is because the company has guarded their information in WHOIS records. It simply means that company does not want to reveal their identity to its members. The hiding information is the feature of scam website.


Convertedstream is a scam website. They are not paying to its members. Can you believe that people who are not able to share their information will share their revenue? They are not ethical people. Therefore, there is nothing you can earn from this website, despite working for many days. Do not run to find easy ways always look for better ways to earn money.

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If you have any doubt about the Convertedstream website, share it with us and we will try to resolve it. We will be happy to help you.