Truth Exposed: FineFurnitureu is a Scam Online shopping store!!

Hello friends! Welcome to our review, in this article we are going to discuss that is this website good or bad for online shopping?

We all love shopping online but we should be aware some scammers which build a scam site for online shopping and then cheat with people.

If you want to shop from Fine Furnitureu website then before doing this few questions you will surely ask yourself like, Is FineFurnitureu a Scam site? Or Is FineFurnitureu Legit? What is FineFurnitureu? And how does it work?

But, if you want a short review on this website either you don’t want to read our full FineFurnitureu Review then in the short we want to tell you that Fine Furnitureu is a 100% Scam site.

FineFurnitureu is making people fool nothing else; we have added this site in our Avoid Scam section in our website.

This is not a single site which is added in our Scam section, we have added many more scam site in our list which is similar to working as FineFurnitureu. If you want to see that list in one click then please visit this link;

Truth Exposed FineFurnitureu is a Scam Online shopping store!!

What is FineFurnitureu? Why we don’t recommend it?

FineFurnitureu is an online shopping website and selling these products, given below;

  1. Sofas
  2. Chairs
  3. Table and Coffee Table
  4. Shelves
  5. Bench
  6. Media Units
  7. TV Stands.

And many more other products.

Now the question is that is it real or fake? And the answer is Fake. Because they are offering very high discounts on their all products. Ex- the real prices of their “right hand facing corner sofa” (Storm Blue) are $602.22 but they are selling this into $96.27 on their website. This is almost 85% discounts. Yes, many companies are available on the market which gives a very good discount on their website but all those are real because they have a stable business model and transparency but in the case of Fine Furnitureu they have no other sources of earning and their business model is also not strong. This is a very new site so it is risky to shop from this website.

FineFurnitureu did not provide their owner information on their website; it means they don’t want to come into the front of their users. They also hide their owner details in WHOIS records. Mostly Scam sites hide their identity for their personal benefits. Users want to contact them but there is no way to contact them because the address and contact us who they have provided on their website all are fake they will never reply to you.

They are offering free shipping, 45 days return guarantee with very secure payments and good quality. But in actuality they will never deliver your product, luckily, if they will deliver then it will be a very poor quality product and if you want to replace it then forget about this. They will charge your credit card without your permission. So it is our advice to you that never share your card details with such types of scam sites.

At the time of registration, Fine Furnitureu asks people to share their personal information with them. But, it is our advice to you that never share your personal or financial details with any new websites. They use people personal or financial details for their personal benefits.

The discount is a trap to lure innocent people, so never fall into the trap of them.


FineFurnitureu is a 100% Scam Online shopping website. This is a trap so don’t come into their lucrative offers. They collect user personal information and sell to third parties for their benefits. So if you want to buy something from this website then please avoid this and save your money and time also.

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If you have any doubt on your mind related FineFurnitureu then please ask in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.