What is Fixmonthlyincome.com? Is It Scam?

What is Fixmonthlyincome.com? Is it Scam?

If you are on this page then that means you are astute enough to always make a sound decision based on facts rather than on whims. At this point, it would be safe to assume that you are looking for fixmonthlyincome reviews. In this article, we are set to lay out factual information about fixmonthlyincome.com that you need to know before you decide to jump into business with them. Thus we are here to provide an answer to the question, “Is fixmonthlyincome legit? Or is fixmonthlyincome scam?” If you are looking for a quick bite, then you are in luck. The bottom line is that this website is a scam which hasn’t paid any of its members to date. It is important to read through the rest of this review to unveil the mystery behind such scams. Having such knowledge on how the scam work will save you the agony of falling victim to similar scams out there.

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How does Fixmonthlyincome.com work? Why Is It a scam?

Fixmonthlyincome.com claims to be invested in the online advertisement industry. Their main focus is the promotion of referral links. This is where they offer to hire you to promote the referral links which they will provide you with. You might be forgiven to think that the company is in the business of dishing out free money to the public. This is because they offer to gift you with a free $5 bonus when you simply sign up with them. When was the last time your boss offered to pay you even before you do any work? You may take quite some time to come with an answer because the world simply does not work like that. There are also other offers which render this deal too good to be true. For starters, they claim you can earn $10 per referral link and $5 for every link visit by your friends. The standard pay for such kind of work is in cents and rarely does any legit company offer pay as high as $1 for the same type work. The reason for this is simple. The business model for such type of work can not be able to sustain payments higher than a $1. Thus the company cannot claim to make good on their payments and still remain profitable. In this situation, one of the two has to give.

Unfortunately, the former is sacrificed for the sake of the company’s profits. They claim to have an open payout policy where they display payouts to their members. When you scrutinize the figures you will be able to notice that, considering how young the website is, it is quite impossible to have transacted that much money in such a short period of time. This exposes the open payout policy as just a ruse to reassure naïve members that payments are made whereas in the true sense, the opposite appears to be true. The company benefits from your presence on their website because you generate traffic for them. It is quite sad that they get paid for the work you do as well as generating traffic on their site yet they do not pay their members. This supports our earlier claim that everything is sacrificed for the sake of maximizing the company’s profits.

They claim to have a minimum payout level of $300. However, when you get to this target and request for a payout, your payout request remains unprocessed indefinitely. At this point, it is vital to also mention that the information you provide them is not in safe hands. Information such as your email address and PayPal accounts will be sold out to third parties who have nothing but bad intentions for them. As we pointed out earlier, there is nothing this company wouldn’t sacrifice in order to better their profits. When such information fall into the hands of unscrupulous people, you become more vulnerable to online hack attacks as well as your email bombarded with phishing emails. For those who have been unlucky to get to the last stage, don’t even bother contacting their customer service. Your payout request will never be processed and it is just another wasted effort on your part. The only sure way to avoid being a victim is by keeping your distance.


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