What is Fixweekly.info? Is Fixweekly Scam or Legit?

What is Fixweekly.info? Is Fixweekly Scam or Legit?

Are you searching the internet to know about the Fixweekly.info? Then you are wise person who think before taking any action. In this Fixweekly review we are going to tackle some general questions like, is Fixweekly Scam? Or is Fixweekly Legit? Or is Fixweekly Real? Or is Fixweekly Fake? These question trouble many people and we are going to discuss in this article. Since, earning money is not craving but necessity. What happen our necessity turned into desires and one point come when it turn into greed. We start finding the shortcuts to earn money more. There are many people who want to earn side earning through simple means. In both ways the craving to earn money easily ends in regret. It is because many scam sties tried to utilize this craving for their advantage. If you do not want to read the full article and need our advice immediately then ‘Fixweekly is a scam site’. In our website we have made an Avoid Scam list in which there are various sites like Salarydaily, Moneymylife, Alphajob, Bestcashjob, Dollarstrue, Salarydone, Jobreo, Freshcash, Megadollars and many more have same theme and similar offers like Fixweekly. It might be possible that these websites are run by same group of people and they are working tirelessly to cheat people and make as much as revenue for them only.

Various online website are helping people to earn money online and that is also genuinely. We have created a list of some good websites in our website. Visit the page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Fixweekly.info Is Fixweekly Scam or Legit Is Fixweekly Real or Fake Fixweekly Review Fixweekly

How does Fixweekly works?

Earning money is not simple and website like Fixweekly making this possible. They are offering $25 for just signing up in their website. Yes, you read it right. Earning in this website is very easy. Members have to complete some easy task to earn $10 for per task. The tasks are so simple that it will take only 30 sec max to complete. Through their offers we come into two conclusions. First, company is really very generous. The person who made this site is very benevolent because to provide money directly in dollars for doing absurd tasks all over the world is not kid play. There are very big websites or companies working on the internet like Google, Facebook and etc are not able to provide even single penny to anybody for signing up on their website. The second conclusion about Fixweekly is that it is totally a fraud website and the person who operating this is unscrupulous without any work ethics.

Let’s talk about the how company works. The company offer good amount to its members and they also credit their account immediately also. Yes, once you register yourself then you will find that your account is credited with $25 and once you complete any task the $10 will also credit into your account immediately. Before requesting for withdraw of your money member have to meet out minimum payout limit. The limit in this website is $300 and after meeting this limit member can put request for withdraw of money. When member put request of withdraw then company told them simply that their request is in process it will take some time to process your request. They are just delaying and wasting member time. Member patience gets over due to delay of process and he/she request again, then company told them if they want their money soon then pay for up gradation of process or complete some surveys for them. The surveys are generally paid and company earns revenue for itself. After completing all their demands then also company does not pay to any member because they never had paid to anybody and they are not going to pay anybody. In their history they never had paid to anybody. Think wisely from yourself that how it is possible for anybody to pay dollars for doing absurd tasks. They are just fooling everybody and want to earn from members as much as they can. The complaints of non-payment of website can be found in any forums.

The company people are very tactfully asked members to provide their personal and financial information to them. They accumulate all data from every member and then turned the data into big data and then sell it to third party. They get very good amount for that because information is the new currency of digital world (after bitcoins). The company also asks to provide their financial information so that they can pay its members. But they are faking it because they never pay to anybody. Revelation of your financial details makes you more vulnerable to hackers attack all around the world. We also have witness of hacker attack through malwares.

The company asks for member details but does not provide their details to us. There is no information of company owner or personal is available on the website. They are not revealing any of their information. They also hided their information in WHOIS records which means that they are intentionally hiding because they are cheating us. One day we will also realize it and then we will not be able to catch them because we do not know who is operating this website. They leave no trails and that is why they cheat everybody without any fear of getting caught.


Fixweekly is a scam site. They are not good to anybody and also it is futile to waste your time and resources to complete absurd tasks in a hope to earn any kind of money from it. Do not run after easy ways to earn money because unscrupulous people put a trap on the path of easy ways. They know people blind with greed not going to question them and they can make them fool easily. Do not become fool because you are a wise person and understand the working of such website. Do not fall into their trap and we advise you to avoid this website.

There are various website offering genuine ways to earn money and Wealthy Affiliate Company is working at the top. They have 12 great years of working experience in this field and also helped many people around the world to earn money online. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company please visits our review page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubts about Fixweekly then feel free to share with us by dropping your comment in our comment box.