Flipp App Review:  What is Flipp App?

Flipp App Review:  What is Flipp App?

Although Flipp App has become a household name, don’t be surprised that many shoppers are not very conversant with the great advantage it offers. This is in saving time and money to do their shopping and purchases with ease.

Most of us do our shopping on weekly basis and Flipp App essentially helps us plan for this in advance. This is how it goes: you use flip App to browse through and search for items that have coupons either by brands or by category you intend to purchase. When you find your choice deals, you then go ahead and clip the coupon to the right shop displaying your choice deal.

When you make your purchases online, you will discover that it has saved you money and time. You no longer have to surf many different shopping websites gathering information for your items of interest. Flipp App simply displays the fliers of different shopping sites and with a single click your choice of groceries, household goods, and electronics items are fulfilled.

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Flipp App Review What is Flipp App

 Flipp App Review

Most sites that have reviewed Flipp Apps gave it positive reports for the convenience it provides for shoppers everywhere such as:

  1. Enabling shoppers to save time and money searching for low prices among the many shops displaying the same products.
  2. Making it easy for shoppers to find stores that have their specific product needs available for their weekly purchase plan.
  3. Presenting in one place comparative products for the best deals offered to customers by the different shopping outlets.
  4. Enabling shoppers to create their shopping lists with a click on the app on their smartphones.
  5. Providing the opportunity for shoppers to search for and clip coupons directly to their shop of choice.

 How does flip.com benefit from the help it renders its clients?

It used to be that both online and offline shopping sites send out paper written messages by mails and handbills. Other methods include classified, radio and TV adverts to reach out and attract a greater number of clients and shoppers to search for coupons and do their shopping.

Today these have all changed with social media and mobile apps.  A greater number of shoppers can be reached on their mobile phones through mobile apps. It is easier for working moms to plan for their weekly grocery shopping through flip.com mobile app by downloading Flipp App on their phones.

Flipp.com gets paid by your favorite stores for every click on their mobile flyer digital ads when their App is used by you to link your desired shops online.

Is Flipp App a Scam?

Is Flipp App a scam? This question comes up very often from those not used to Flipp. There’s no doubt that there are scams Apps and sites online, but there are also genuine ones and Flip App is one of them. Flipp.com fulfills its obligations to their clients by creating the link between the online stores and their customers through their smartphones.

Whether you are looking to save money buying groceries, clothing, electronics, and other key essentials, you will find useful tools to help in your shopping endeavors on the app the deal here is that Flipp simply organizes all the shopping flyers of most of the retail outlets into a weekly advert for customers.

It then presents them to you through Flipp mobile app. It does not make promises to customers or anything else except helping find coupons for grocery purchases when available therefore Flipp App is not a scam. Trust and confidence are what it takes to get customers, retain them and maintain business relationships over a long period in this era of competitiveness.

 How to Get Flipp App on My Smart Phone.

This is very simple, just go to Google play store and search for the app. When you find it, click on it and when it opens, click the download button. Don’t worry because it’s free to download and save on without any cost. With this App, you can now plan ahead for your weekly shopping stress-free. Remember to share this with your friends and family members. By doing this, you’ll save them some money while they shop for groceries and household goods at discounted rates.

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