What is Fmptr? Is Fmptr Scam or Real?

If you are looking for Fmptr review and finding out What is Fmptr? Whether Fmptr Scam or Legit or Whether Fmptr Real or Fake?  Then, you are on the right page. In this Fmptr Review, we will discuss about  Fmptr  background,  Fmptr complaints, Fmptr Payment Proofs and more. But, Before you read our Fmptr review we want to clear you that, Fmptr is a completely SCAM site. The main reason to be declared it a scam website is that this site does not pay to anyone.You can know more reasons for declaring this site scam by reading our full review given below. We also added this site into our list of scams companies. You can find the list of online scam companies by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/work-at-home-scams

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What is Fmptr? Why It is a Fake company?

It is hard to tell that who is the owner of Fmptr because there is no information provided about owner on the website. More than that, Fmptr domain was registered privately on 29 March, 2012. Whenever a site owner tries to hide himself, he/she guards their information. Therefore, it is always a risk to work on such sites.

Fmptr business model is totally fake. Fmptr is not unique in this sense. The sites like, Genuineptr,  Royalptr and other are the sites which have the same business model as Fmptr. All these sites are based on same business model which seems that all sites are owned by the same group.

Fmptr offers can be seen on the homepage of this website. They are claiming that member can earn $100 per click and $50 per PTC click. They are totally bogus. It is not possible to earn such a good income in a legit way. The company is offering $500 as a sign-up bonus. They credit the account immediately but they never pay to its members. Non-payment is the only single most problem on this website and also the main reason to declare it a scam.

Is it possible to earn $500 for just signing up on the website? The answer is big ‘No’. No legit company can pay such a huge amount easily. No one can pay $100 for reading only the emails. This shows that fmptr has not used its brain while making their offers. The money fmptr is offering is not possible in real world. If anyone can pay such amount, by pay we means really paying $100 easily then it can never be a legit site. Such kind of luxury is only availed by the scam websites. They have no responsibility or any kind of moral obligation, that is why we have declared fmptr a scam website.

They claim that you can only request for payout when you reach up to $10000. But when you request for payout. Your request will not be proceed. They will ask you to upgrade your membership in order to receive your payment.  Even if you upgrade your account, you will not get paid by the company. This site earn money from the members who upgraded into their system. When you login on their website. You will find Payment proofs section. All Fmptr payment proofs are fake. Till date they have not paid to single user. If you search over the internet, you will find many complaints from Fmptr members about pending payment.

They will also ask you to enter the payment processor details at the time  you register on their site. If you give them payment processor details  like Paypal, Payza then they can misuse those information. May be, you provided them same email and password which you are using on your Paypal account. Then your account can be in danger. They also earn money by selling your personal information to third parties. So, Fmptr is not working to pay you, but they are earning revenue for them only. So Stay away from this site.


Fmptr is a 100% Scam company, So you should stay away from this site and the sites which are similar to Fmptr.

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If you are victim of Fmptr or want to ask anything about Fmptr or other any online work. Please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.

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