What is Foap App? IS Foap App Scam or Legit?

You must be looking for Foap App information. In this Foap App review will provide you details and insight of this app. We are also going to solve some generally asked questions like, is Foap App Scam? Or is Foap App Legit? Or is Foap App Fake? Or is Foap App Real? At the present digital world, in various social media platforms, millions of people share their pics with everyone. There are some apps also available that allows users to instantly share their images with other people. How you will find yourself when somebody will pay you for using your pic with your permission. It will be great, isn’t it? This is the most basic function of Foap App. If you are not interested to read the full review which will be going to extensive, then we can provide you the information in a nutshell. Foap App is not a scam but it is working genuinely. It is paying to its members and it full fills all the basic measures of being a legit company.

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What is Foap App Is Foap App Scam or Legit Is Foap App Real or Fake Foap App Review, Foap App

How does Foap App work?

As we have already mentioned in the above paragraphs, Foap App is an application where anyone can upload their photos. The best part is that you can list your photos for sale. You can download Foap App directly from their official website or from the Apple and Google Play. It is available for both operating systems i.e. iOS and Android users.

To find out about the legitimacy and authenticity of any company, we try to get its information. We see their background and the transparency shown by them. The company which completes the parameters to be a genuine company then its credibility increases. Same parameters are used for Foap App.

Foap App was launched in 2012 and its headquartered was at Sweden. But due to with the amelioration of a company work and popularity, today they have their presence (office) in three countries namely the USA, Sweden, and Poland. The official website of Foap App has provided their team information. The CEO of this company is Adrian Dubler. But the name in WHOIS records is of some David Los. David Los was the earlier CEO of Foap App and also the founder. It means the information we got on this website is genuine and the transparency level of this company is very high, which increase its credibility.

If you are thinking that you have to pay any membership fees to upload and start earning in this app, then be free from such worry. It is because it is absolutely free to join and upload your photos with a purpose to sell it. The only problem you will encounter is that it is not simple as it looks to earn money. The process is simple and transparency but we can say it like it is a little bit difficult to earn money via process offered by this App. Only a few fortunate one will be able to sell their pictures or photos in this app and make money from it. It is not the place where you can make a full-time income. Therefore, we put this website in our ‘Promising Section‘.

Process of Foap App

First, you have to download the app, you can download it from Google and Apple Store whichever you like. Yeah, we know that it is the obvious step, but to climb a mountain you need a mountain first.

After downloading the app, you have to fill the form provided by the company. The form is basically to get your information. The information form asks like your name, date of birth, country, payment details, and other essential information. After completing the form you can start uploading your pics, photos or images whatever you can call it. The basic idea of the uploading pic is selling it. Therefore, you should upload those pics that you want to sell.

The process as we had said before is not as simple as it looks. Your work is not complete after uploading your pics. Actually, it starts from here. After uploading the image you have to name it and write a brief description. You have to then add tags to the image. You should choose the relevant tags for your pics, it plays a vital role in selling your pic. It is because those tasks will help your photo to come up in search results. When you complete the tagging work, you have to select the license for which you have to answer some questions. The questions will be about the photo you uploaded and the Foap app will choose a license for you automatically. Therefore, it is a time-consuming process and it takes much of your time. Now, you can calculate on your own how much time you need to upload one pic in Foap.

The next step is of rating other works. You have to rate at least 5 pics of other members so that those 5 members will rate your picture. If your pictures get the highest rating, there are very high chances that your pic sold out in the Foap market at the price of $10 per pic. The 50% of your sales amount will go to Foap and now this is the point where you have been charged. The positive point is that you are charged after you earn in this app.

Since it is very time-consuming to upload numerous pics, therefore, we suggest you to only upload those pics that you find good and can be sold out easily. The quality of work is always better than the quantity of work. If you understand the meaning of this line and apply in your work, then there is very high possibility that you can earn more money than your contemporaries. It is because everyone is looking for the quality pic and they are willing to spend their money wisely on good pics only. It will be good if you focus on the quality of photos and not the quantity.

There are some negative comments or complaints we found on the internet. The reason behind those negative comments was the inability of many people who failed to get the top rating for their photos and cannot make any sale. So, they mark Foap as a scam website and write a negative review about it.

This website is best for those people especially, that takes the photography as their passion and has the knowledge about the taking good pics. Actually, people who are going to buy your pics will obviously look the pics as an artistic work. They are going to pay for only quality work. If you take your craft as a passion and use your talent to capture the emotion and other things in your pics then you can earn good money on this website.  The good thing for up-loaders is that even if you sold your photos in Foap you will not lose any copyright on your pic. It is because the buyers will not get right to sell your photos. It means you can sell your same pics as many times as you want or willing to sell it.


Foap App is legit in every sense and there are ways available to earn money on this App, albeit the way of earning is tedious and long but still, the company is not a scam. Every worthy thing takes their time. You cannot dream to earn good money in short period of time without investing your time and resources wisely. It will be foolish is you do. Foap App is providing you the platform to earn money by selling your pic is real and there is no fault in their working.

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If you got any doubt regarding Foap App, which we left and didn’t discuss, then feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.


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