What is Foreverliving.com? Is Foreverliving Scam?

You are on this page it means you are searching for the Foreverliving.com site. In this Foreverliving review, we are going to discuss the company working in detail. We are going to tackle some questions that generally disturb people like, is Foreverliving Scam? Or is Foreverliving Legit? Or is Foreverliving Real? Or is Foreverliving Fake? We are going to provide you the real truth about the Foreverliving, its pros, and cons. For instance, either complaints against Foreverliving form its members are true or not; either products of Foreverliving are real or not; either compensation plan of Foreverliving is good or not and in the last but not the least, either is Foreverliving working on Pyramid Scheme or not. In short, we are going to discuss about the company in a holistic manner.

Before starting our detail review, if you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide you the brief of this article. We do not promote Foreverliving site on our website. But we are going to place it in our “Promising section“. It is because the Foreverliving Company is not a scam. It is pretty much genuine and legit company. Unfortunately, due to our rules, we are not able to place it in our “Trusted and Legit” Work section. The company is not working on the Pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme. But earning on this site is very hard and for the newbies, it is a very arduous task. More than half members of the company failed to earn any money it is due to two major problems faced by them. First, their traditional MLM marketing strategy and the second one is a requirement of the company to become eligible to start earning a commission each month. Another major problem which hinders the product sale, as well as member commission, is the price of Foreverliving products which are very high in comparison to its peers (competitors). This makes your task of selling product more difficult and makes money from it.

What Foreverliving.com Is Foreverliving Scam or Legit Is Foreverliving Real or Fake Foreverliving Review, Foreverliving

Let us start our review of Foreverliving

Many people do fail in their pursuit of selling products and making more affiliates because they use a very common technique to sell their product. Many people sell the products to the real consumers who are not looking for it. Some sell their products in their relationship or to known people. A point arises in every person life where they get a saturation point after which they are not able to sell their product or to make more affiliate. It ultimately hampers their income. This way many people earn commission initially but in the long run, they are in losing side. You will find many people claiming to earn good commission on their site and we are not saying those are fake claims. What we are saying that they earn with a different strategy or working during the initial years of the company when there is not much completion. It is also possible that they have followed the online marketing strategy.

Many people are working online and earning a good income from home. They actually know who the internet marketing works or they know the new strategy of affiliate marketing. If you are also concerned about selling the products of the Foreverling then you should also work on new strategy of marketing instead of traditional marketing strategies. The question arise is what is new method of affiliate marketing? Nowadays, many people have launched their website in which they review different products. Billions of people are using internet these and numbers are still increasing with every passing time. When somebody open the website then people come to you because they are searching about the product and then there is a more chances that your affiliate are also enthusiastic about the company like you. They become the active member. Even though the number of active members still remains low but it gave you the thrust and help in your income. The best part is that this strategy is not used only for one product but it can be used for any kind of business.  By making website you will receive different visitors across the globe that increase your website traffic and website ranking which is imperative to work on the internet. Even regular traffic will going to make revenue for you which means it is not essential to earn money by selling the product. You are going to earn money even without selling the product. It is ultimately going to provide you the online earning i.e. a fulltime income. If you are wondering that making online website is a technical thing then it is just a myth. Today many companies on the internet have made the task of making online website as simple as posting a comment on any social media. Today you have to just select the template and your website is ready. If you are interested to know about the marketing strategies and how to make website then we recommend you the no. 1 website i.e. The Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company has already helped many people around the world to build their online business or earn a fulltime income on the internet. They have different training programs and also services. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please do visit our webpage by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

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What is Foreverliving about? Background of Foreverliving

The Foreverliving company was founded by the Rex Maughan. It is a very old company which is established in 1978. You can see that it is pretty much old company but still many of its distributors are struggling to make sold income from it. The Foreverliving company is working on the MLM strategy i.e. Multi-level Marketing. MLM is a legal scheme which is used by various companies to sell their product. The best and relaxing part is that the company is not working as a Pyramid Scheme. If you do not know how Pyramid Scheme work then you can click the link:

If you want to know about the difference between the MLM and the Pyramid Scheme then you can read our article on MLM scheme by clicking the given link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/what-is-multi-level-marketing-mlm-about-is-mlm-a-scam

Now, it is pretty much clear that the company is a legit and but the reality is that you will not be able to make very good money from it. If you have any dream of becoming rich then sorry to tell but it is not going to happen (especially for those who do not know about the online marketing).

How to earn money from Foreverliving?

Anybody can sign-up on this site i.e. Foreverliving free of cost to avail the benefit of discount prices. There are no charges to sign-up at all. To make earning on this site you have to sell the products of the company or you have to recruit new people to this company in both scenarios you are going to earn a commission. But if you want you to become a qualified wholesaler then you have to purchase the Touch of Forever Combo Pack compulsory which is work of $414.7.  Also, one can find on their compensation plan another requirement in which you have to purchase the products monthly to maintain your active status and to receive the majority of your commissions. Many people failed to fulfill such requirement and failed miserably to make any income. But it is not the main reason. Yes, you read it right this is not a real reason for the failure of a majority of the people.

The main two reasons are the price of the Foreverliving products and the old or traditional marketing strategy teaches the company to its members. Their methods have not been evolved with time which drags people into the failing side instead of pushing them to have a success or good income.

The price of Foreverliving products if you compare relatively with other products available in the market then you will find it very high. For example, the Aloe Vera Gel cost $18.66 for 33.8oz in the Foreverliving. But in the Amazon same Aloe Vera Gel cost only $29 for 128oz. It is very simple to understand that when a consumer is going to have the same product with a lower price then they are going to buy it from the company whose price is lower and quantity is good. Nobody is going to buy a product from you just because you are selling it or you are going to make money from it. Every consumer needs the best product in best price. In any kind of business, the price of the product does play the vital role in its sales. This makes the task of selling the product more difficult for the Foreverliving distributors and they fail in their adventure to earn money on this site.

Another factor behind failing of majority of the distributor is the traditional way of marketing the product. As we have already told above in the article that people failed because they try to sell their product to relatives or people in relation or to those people whom they know. Many people buy products because they know you and because they want to support you in your work. But in reality, they are buying products due to the obligation of being a known person to you.  Or you sell them the product forcefully which they cannot resist. Therefore, old ways of marketing are not going to support anyone in present competitive scenario to earn good money.

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The Foreverliving is a legit site. You can work on this site. They are not scamming anyone. They are a very old site. The problems and reasons behind placing this site in our promising section instead of Trusted and Legit Work section even though they have many merits are already mentioned and discussed above. We hope that the information provided by us going to help you and ends your curiosity regarding this site.

If you have any doubt or problem regarding the Foreverliving site, please share it with us. You can simply put a comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you out. 


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