What is Freebitco.in? Is Freebitco Scam or Legit?

Searching the web to know about Freebitco.in or Freebitcoin? You have arrived at the right place to get the answers of some common and most important questions like, is Freebitco or Freebitcoin Scam? Or is Freebitco or Freebitcoin Legit? Or is Freebitco or Freebitcoin Real? Or is Freebitco or Freebitcoin Fake? As the bitcoin emerge and rise exponentially, numerous website are trying to take advantage of this new rise. There are some people who are trying to use people ignorance towards Bitcoins. If you do not want to read the full article then we are going to lower your burden of reading. Freebitco or Freebitcoin is Not Recommended by us. There are some discrepancies we have found in their working which we are going to discuss in our Freebitco or Freebitcoin Review.

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What is Freebitco.in Is Freebitco Scam or Legit Is Freebitco Real or Fake Freebitco Review Freebitco

How Freebitco or Freebitcoin works?

Freebitco or Freebitcoin is website that provides 3-4 ways by which member can earn Bitcoin hourly. The company is providing different programs like Free BTC, Multiply BTC, Earn BTC, Lottery, Rewards and Referral program.

Free BTC is where member can start they voyage in this website. In Free BTC member have to enter the captacha and then click on the ‘roll’ button. Member will earn some BTC instantly and 2 reward points and 2 lottery ticket also. By this member can start their journey and then move to another program.  Free Btico claims that one can earn up to $200 per hour while playing this game. Is it true? The company also claims that there $200 is the maximum limit due to volatile nature of bitcoin. Their limit is purely depends on the nature of rise or fall of the bitcoin. But no one can earn even a fraction of $200 by playing this game in reality.

After getting the free bitcoin the company show a message already return on their website i.e. to multiply your bitcoins. Multiply BTC is nothing but a ‘Bet Game’. In this you bet either to get high number or low number. It has two modes one manually bet and second is auto bet. There are 50-50 chances that you can win or lose while multiplying our bet, initially. But at the end, members playing this game in a hope to multiply their money because they are wining continuously, ends at losing their earned BTC. It is futile and pure wastage of time. It is not worthy as it seems because we are blind due to greedy nature of human beings that persuade us to believe in these absurd tasks and claims.

The company is also offering members to invest their Bitcoin into their website and get 4.08% interest annually. They are providing compound interest to its members. But the catch in their investment is that they have set a threshold amount. Only above this threshold amount one can invest in the company and not below it. The threshold amount is 0.0003BTC. One have to pay either 30,000 Satoshi or above it to earn compound interest on their investments. It is very hard to earn 0.0003 BTC while playing games in this website. It means to avail the compound interest members have to pay from their own pocket. Many are willing to do it but beware of their payment mode also. Everything works very smoothly until member asks for his/her payment.

After earning BTC in Free BTC member also earn 2 tickets to play lottery on their website. The lottery is a weekly job. You can play it on weekly basis only. Member can earn via reward program also by using their reward point earned in Free BTC.

The company has very exciting referral program that is not available on other websites. They are providing 50% of referral commission to its members. The money earned by member referral its 50% commission will be credit into member account. The company does not delay in crediting the member account. The company also credit referral amount their into member account. The account company credit is the one open on their website. The genuine companies pay very low commission interest to its members. This is also the reason behind the genuine website long term sustainability and regular payment to its members. The 50% commission is very unstable for any business entity. This make the company claim bogus because they are claiming to pay 50% commission forever.

Everything that claimed by this website is might be seen as genuine. One can earn in this website by sure luck. Where there is a luck factor everything works in ambiguity. The question arises is that after winning by luck, does the company going to pay to its members? We have seen various complaints of nonpayment from this website. There are others, who claim to receive money from this website. Looking at these contradictions it is sure that company is not working ethically. They may be paying selectively to its members so that if somebody question against them there will be someone that counter it. It is not good and wise to invest your time, money and resources in that website which is not genuine because there will be always an ambiguity, that member will receive money or not.

Background of the company is not available. It so because the website does not mention any name of the owner or personals, operating this website. They did not provide any information of people behind this great website that is providing easy and good ways to earn in bitcoins which is a very high rate digital currency in the world (at present time). They did not guard their WHOIS records but what they mentioned there is that the owner of the company is ‘Interglobal Limited’ that is registered in 2013. Nothing much is provides in their records which can give surety of this company credibility. The company credibility is zero and we advice not to invest anything in this company to our readers.


We do Not Recommended Freebitco or Freebitcoin due to various discrepancies we found in the website that are also stated above. The website will lure you to believe on their website working and there are very high chances that the company pay some people or pay selectively just due to show their authenticity. But the reality is that the website is not good where one should invest their time, money and resources in a hope to earn money in this website. We can only advice our reader and it is solely up to them, to value their time or not. If someone find this website good they can work their but being a responsible reviewer our advice will be ‘to avoid this website’.

Online earning in legit and simple way can be done and it is proved by Wealthy Affiliate Company via its various programs and mentorship guidance that they provide to its members. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate please visit our review page by clicking the link provided: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any kind of doubts or problem regarding Freebitco or Freebitcoin website then please feel free to share it with us by commenting in our comment box.

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