What is Gamiss.com? Is Gamiss Scam or legit?

If you are searching the internet to know about the Gamiss.com site, then your search ends at the right place. In this Gamiss review, we are going to provide you the insight of this site and we are going to deal some questions like, is Gamiss Scam? Or is Gamiss Legit? Or is Gamiss Real? Or is Gamiss Fake? If you are not interested to read the full article about the Gamiss then we can provide you the brief of this site. We do “Not Recommend” the Gamiss site. If you want to know the reason then you can read our article below which contains the details of the Gamiss site. But in short, it is not a good site. Keep distance from this site or you can simply avoid this site.

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What Gamiss.com Is Gamiss Scam or Legit Is Gamiss Real or Fake Gamiss Review, Gamiss

How does Gamiss work?

Basically, Gamiss is an e-Commerce website. Here, you can purchase various products and other kinds of stuff. Stuff like clothing, jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes, watches, beauty product, garden products, and home products and so on. On this site, you will find an affiliate program by which you can earn up to 20% commission by selling their products via their reference. It sounds great, right? But don’t be as we have already told in above paragraph that it is not recommended by us.

One of the most major problem or you can say the reason behind our non-recommendation of the Gamiss site is the no. of complaints we have seen about this site. It will be very hard for anyone to find out a positive review of the Gamiss site. You will not be able to see even one feedback which is positive for Gamiss site. The major part of complaints is about their customer support and about the product quality. You will not get what you see. The quality of products is very poor and that is why people try to replace it or wanted to get a refund but they are not able to get it  because of their poor customer support. You will find problem in their shipment also.

The company on their official website does not explain from where they are operating this site. They did not provide anything about who operate this site or running this site. The one and the only information you can find is that their shipment is coming from China.  But they did not provide any specific location from where they are shipping their goods. Actually, by this, we want to tell you that the company has not given anything solid about them. In the present digital world where information is must and imperative for everything, this company is not providing it to its members. It means there is something foul play is going on.

Other and most important thing is that the company has hidden or guarded their information in the WHOIS records. It means the company is purposely and with full intention want to hide their identity from the public view. All the genuine company always tells about them to their members and they never hide anything. But the scam companies hide their details because they do not want to leave any trail that will end up their journey into the jail. Any e-commerce site which is working authentically will never hide information because it helps them to have people trust which in the hand will be beneficial for them.


We do Not Recommend the Gamiss site. It is due to the various reasons we have already talked above. We do not want you to lose your money in some unscrupulous site, which is not working properly and whose working is very suspicious? Our intention is very clear, we do not want to get cheated by the people or immoral people like scammer take the advantage of the people ignorance and innocence. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this site in the beginning and also keep a distance from companies like this. You should also aware people in our social circle about the working of such sites that cheat people.

If you have any doubt regarding the Gamiss site, please do mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you. 

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